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New Fighting Brings Three Year Armenian – Azerbaijani Truce to an End

By Laurence Broers – Deadly clashes at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan have followed renewed disappointment in the peace process, and cast a new shadow over its future. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 20 July

Regional headlines: Russia denies UK foul play; Orban vs. the “Dutchman”; opposition unites in Belarus; coronavirus in Romania; and a Mongolian football story. Read more.

Volunteer Efforts Flourish Amid Pandemic in Turkey

By Aylin Kaplan – Scores of grassroots networks now exist to deliver food and supplies to people in need. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 17 July

In the news today: center-left win in North Macedonia; Ukraine’s new central bank head; protests in the Russian Far East; Kosovo and Serbia; and Uzbekistan lures tourists. Read more.

The Snail Hunters of Meskheti

Once a source of protein for the poor, nowadays snails are an expensive delicacy for the residents of the south Georgian uplands. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 16 July

News from around the bloc: renewed fighting on Armenian-Azeri border; #MeToo in Russia; sick leaders in Bosnia; a businessman for Chechnya’s elite; and COVID-19 in Central Asia. Read more.

Do Black Lives Matter in Czechia

By Apolena Rychlikova – America’s ongoing turmoil doesn’t map perfectly onto Czech reality. But there is one shared feature: structural racism, in its symbolic and practical meanings. Read more.

Russia’s Gulag Legacy

Putin is fighting for state control over how Soviet horrors are remembered. From The Conversation. Read more.

Around the Bloc – 14 July

Our regional roundup: Russia claims COVID breakthrough; fighting in the South Caucasus; North Macedonian election; Thaci in The Hague; and gender quotas in Georgia. Read more.

Through the Lens of a Pandemic

A Romanian photographer documents his days in a new normal. Read more.