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Around the Bloc: Serbia Mulls Law to Encourage Cyrillic Use
Their parents’ script is losing its allure for young people immersed in the Latin-dominated online world.
30 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Putin Walks Back Higher Retirement Age
Pension reform needed, but women should be shielded from its harshest effects, Russian leader says.
30 August 2018

Columns: Unlucky Eight for the Czechs?
Coming to terms with so many conflicting anniversaries in 2018 is even harder when national narratives and knowledge of history are lacking. 
29 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Hungary Finds an Ally in Italy Over Anti-Migrant Stance
Top officials vow to forge union ‘that excludes socialists and the left, that brings back to the center the values and identity’ their parties embody.
29 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Letter From Trump’s Lawyer Criticizing Anti-Corruption Drive Ignites Spat in Romania
In a letter addressed to the Romanian president, Rudolph Giuliani suggests amnesty for the ‘many innocent people’ convicted through ‘excesses’ made in the name of ‘law enforcement.’
29 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Ukrainian Anti-Smuggling Plan Hits Political Snag
Prime minister and presidential ally clash over control of the customs service, a vital contributor to state coffers.
28 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Central Europe’s Labor Shortage Expected to WorsenSome economists predict the end of the boom years in Central and Eastern Europe.
28 August 2018

Two-Speed Memory and Ownership of the Past
The sensation generated by a recent book may signal a new readiness by Lithuanians to tackle difficult questions about the Nazi and Soviet eras.
1 September 2016 

Ukrainian Investigators Pore Over Manafort Indictment
U.S. authorities have so far not responded to Kyiv’s request for cooperation, Ukrainian prosecutor complains.
1 November 2017