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Two-Speed Memory and Ownership of the Past
The sensation generated by a recent book may signal a new readiness by Lithuanians to tackle difficult questions about the Nazi and Soviet eras.


September 6

Putin Opens Door to More Talks With Poroshenko
Russian leader makes concession to West as his military begins major exercises near Ukrainian border.

UK Urged to Ensure Security for Polish Community
Poland’s foreign and interior ministers met their British counterparts for talks after a series of attacks on Poles.

Georgia Nears Goal of Visa-Free EU Travel
Parliament could approve Ukraine’s application this month, but Kosovo lags behind.

Putin Lays Flowers on Karimov’s Grave
On way home from G20 summit, Russian leader meets with Uzbek premier, seen as most likely to succeed the long-serving autocrat.

Arts & Culture

Beauty and the East
Is it time to kick our addiction to ruin porn? From The Calvert Journal.

September 5

Ljubljana Offers Nights Behind Bars for Thrill-Seeking Tourists
An old military prison turned youth hostel lets visitors spend the night in artistically renovated cells, complete with prison bars on windows and doors.

Canonization of Mother Teresa Reignites Disputes in the Balkans
Kosovo, Macedonia, and Albania each claim the Catholic nun as their own daughter, based on her multiethnic origins.

Hungarian Mock Party Takes On Governmental Anti-Immigration Campaign
Two-Tailed Dog Party is among the few willing to challenge the status quo ahead of the referendum.


Bulgarian Communist Monument May Get New Lease on Life
Two young digital designers and an architect are spurring new ideas for the building.

Rashomon Revisited
One year after hundreds were shot down at Andijan, depictions of what happened retain a fictive quality that belies the disturbing reality.

Women and the (Male) Body Politic
Women are climbing the ladder to influence in post-communist parliaments. But far too slowly.

Czech Communist Nostalgia in an Immature Democracy
A society that keeps looking in the rear-view mirror is bound to crash into something.


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