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People: Ethnic Discrimination or Just Solving a Demographic Problem?
Abkhazia’s Azkhara Foundation stands accused of providing assistance on an ethnic basis to local residents with big families. From JAMnews.
20 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Silly Season in the Russian Countryside
A minuscule village on the Volga will not after all stage Russia’s first officially-approved gay parade.
20 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Anti-Establishment Funnyman Picked as Slovenian PM
Marjan Sarec followed a career path similar to Italy’s Beppe Grillo, moving from comic to political gadfly.
20 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Belarusian Leader Upends Cabinet
Ministers failed to follow his directives, Lukashenka rages, as new PM promises to obey his leader to the letter.
20 August 2018

Around the Bloc: Kosovo, Serbia Leaders to Talk Border Changes
Many fear the idea of a land swap will destabilize the Western Balkans.
17 August 2018​

Society: Public Outcry Over Animal Rights in Turkey
A stray dog that had its paws and tail severed has sparked a new debate over abuse.
17 August 2018 

Around the Bloc: Italy Rounds Up Rogues’ Gallery of Suspected Ukraine Fighters
A notorious football hooligan and the son of a nationalist politician are among those being sought in connection with a mercenary recruitment ring.
17 August 2018

Donbas Situation Worsening as Winter Sets In
Thousands rely on UN aid workers for winter clothes and heating fuel.
20 December 2017 

A Childhood Spent in Prison
In Turkey, hundreds of kids, including toddlers, live in detention along with their mothers.
22 May 2018