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Two-Speed Memory and Ownership of the Past
The sensation generated by a recent book may signal a new readiness by Lithuanians to tackle difficult questions about the Nazi and Soviet eras.


September 2

Uzbek President Islam Karimov Reported Dead
The Uzbek President’s absence at independence day celebrations had led some to believe that the strongman’s days were numbered.

Russia’s Supreme Court Questions USSR’s Role in 1939 Invasion of Poland
The court upheld the conviction of a blogger for a social media post describing Soviet-Nazi collaboration during World War II.

Russia’s Clandestine “Information War” in The Czech Republic
Russian intelligence services are the most active foreign intelligence service in the Czech Republic, a report by the Czech counterintelligence agency found.

Serbia’s Flirt With the EEU
The recent visit of the Kazakh president marks Belgrade’s ambitions for closer economic ties with the Eurasian Economic Union.

September 1

WikiLeaks and Russia: Strange Bedfellows?
A recent analysis of WikiLeaks concludes that “the agendas of WikiLeaks and the Kremlin have often dovetailed.”

End of Macedonian Political Stalemate in Sight
After a lengthy political crisis, and the postponement of early elections, Macedonia’s main parties finally agree to go to the polls in December. 

Bulgaria Might Restrict Freedom of Movement for Refugees
Bulgaria may detain migrants in gated centers after violent incidents in one of the country’s refugee centers.

August 31

When There’s a Will, There’s a Way
A former refugee from Iraq, now running refugee services in the U.S., offers his recommendations for improving the anti-migrant climate in the Czech Republic.


In Uzbekistan, an Undeclared Race to the Top
The ‘candidates’ are keeping quiet, but the autocratic president’s 75th birthday prompts speculation about who might replace him.

Rashomon Revisited
One year after hundreds were shot down at Andijan, depictions of what happened retain a fictive quality that belies the disturbing reality.

Women and the (Male) Body Politic
Women are climbing the ladder to influence in post-communist parliaments. But far too slowly.

Uncivil Clashes
More than a week after government forces shot dead hundreds of people in Andijan, the battle of wills between Karimov and his opponents has if anything intensified.


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