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August 26

Confronting the Old Boys’ Club
Women struggle to make inroads in Czech politics, as some pin their hopes on quotas.

Poland Now Most Common Country of Origin for UK Foreign-Born Residents
Ending India’s long domination of immigration statistics, Poland has become the most common non-UK country of origin for UK residents.

Controversy Grows as Dozens Return Hungarian Knight’s Cross
Past award recipients have returned the state distinction because of decision to honor infamous xenophobe, who is close to the ruling party.

Backlash Against Migrants in Central and Southeastern Europe Intensifies
Hungary announces plans for a second fence to further increase border security, while an Afghan migrant is shot dead in neighboring Serbia.

Steven Seagal Enjoys Belarusian Hospitality, With a Side of Carrots and Lard
Known for cozying up to dictators, the Hollywood action hero was the guest of the Belarusian president.


August 25

Norway is Shutting The Door on The ‘Arctic Route’
The Scandinavian country comes under fire for plans to build a new fence to deter migrants on a border crossing with Russia.

Smugglers Renovate Road on Russia-Belarus Border
Locals thankful for road renovations, which unknown smugglers undertook to enable traffic for trucks loaded with contraband EU fruit.

Soviet Superheroes Save The Day in Russian Blockbuster
Set in the Cold War era, the movie features a team of mutant heroes from different Soviet republics fighting against a nasty villain.


Russia Stuck with Most Gender-Based Work Restrictions
It’s forbidden to hire women for hundreds of jobs, as legislation has seen few changes since the Soviet era.

Pankisi Gorge No Terrorist Training Center, Georgian PM Says
Giorgi Kvirikashvili rejects Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s claim of a significant Islamic State presence in the mountain gorge bordering Chechnya.

Women and the (Male) Body Politic
Women are climbing the ladder to influence in post-communist parliaments. But far too slowly.

Georgian Billionaire Claims Credit Suisse Banker Took Him to Cleaners
Jailed wealth manager may also be accused of illegally tapping investments of Russians linked to Gazprom.


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