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The Dangers of Patriotic Tourism
Central Europeans are often spending their holidays at home these days – good for the local economy, but not for the local mentality.
By Martin Ehl


August 19

Reports Claims Widespread Female Mutilation in Dagestan
Caucasus mufti, controversial Orthodox priest defend female genital mutilation, saying it eliminates ‘depravity.’

Vigilante Patrols on Slovak Trains Face Legal Ban
Draft law would prohibit patrols like those run by a far-right party claiming to protect citizens where authorities fail to do so.

Poland to Probe High Court Chief Justice
Rancor between government and the constitutional court threatens to open a legal chasm.

August 18

Archeologists Unearth Illyrian Palace in Montenegro
New discovery marks a breakthrough in the understanding of ancient Illyrian civilization.

Outrage Over Czech Advertising of Auschwitz Tours
Bus company cajoles visitors to the Nazi concentration camp by using emotionally charged images from the Holocaust.

Romania at Rio 2016: Dressed Down, and Underperforming
In addition to posting its worst Olympic results in the past half-century, the Romanian Olympic team has to put up with allegedly low-quality, athletic gear.

August 17

Startup Brings Internet to Remote Kyrgyz Villages
Only one in seven households in the Central Asian country has the internet, and far fewer have access to broadband service.

Polish Lawmakers Expected to Approve ‘Death Camp’ Ban
Polish government approves law making ‘insulting the good name of Poland’ punishable by jail.

August 16

Putin’s New Chief of Staff Turns Out to Be Multi-Talented
Otherwise a rather faceless official, Anton Vaino is gaining fame for his odd “scientific” inquiries.

Grenade Spoils Good Mood Over Bridge Renovation in Kosovo
The reopening of a bridge in Mitrovica could mark a new beginning for the city.

Orban Plays the Oligarch Game to Control Media
Independence of media outlets diminishes in Hungary, as power struggles between media barons reveal Orban’s strategy of supporting loyal oligarchs.


Calm Before the Storm?
Counterterrorist operations targeting jihadists in Russia have largely proven successful in the past three years. Still, there are reasons to worry that large-scale terrorism might return.
By Prem Mahadevan

End of the Road
Northern Albania doesn’t surrender its treasures easily.
By Barbara Frye

Black Comedy Uncovers Dark Place in Romanian History
Radu Jude’s movie didn’t just arouse debate, it also did good box office.
By Lorelei Mihala

Some Well-Needed Attention for Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan
An attack on a local actress and pop media producer gets people talking, with social media users showing solidarity but also mocking the problem. 
By Gillian Rochkind


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