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Bad News
Media outlets in Central and Eastern Europe make a poor showing in international journalism watchdog reports, and there is plenty of blame to go around.
By Peter Gross


August 15

Ukrainian Anti-Corruption Probe May Implicate Top Trump Aide
Ledgers found in Kyiv list undisclosed cash payments to the chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign.

Odessa Pride March Held Despite Initial Ban
The city’s first LGBTQIA march was held on Saturday, as police prevent an attack by nationalist youth.

August 16

Putin’s New Chief of Staff Turns Out to Be Multi-Talented
Otherwise a rather faceless official, Anton Vaino is gaining fame for his odd “scientific” inquiries.

Grenade Spoils Good Mood Over Bridge Renovation in Kosovo
The reopening of a bridge in Mitrovica could mark a new beginning for the city.

Orban Plays the Oligarch Game to Control Media
Independence of media outlets diminishes in Hungary, as power struggles between media barons reveal Orban’s strategy of supporting loyal oligarchs.


Calm Before the Storm?
Counterterrorist operations targeting jihadists in Russia have largely proven successful in the past three years. Still, there are reasons to worry that large-scale terrorism might return.
By Prem Mahadevan

A ‘Bucket of Mud’ for Belarus
The country’s mercurial leader first welcomes the Nobel Prize in literature for Svetlana Alexievich, then attacks the world-famous writer.
By Tatiana Kozak

Black Comedy Uncovers Dark Place in Romanian History
Radu Jude’s movie didn’t just arouse debate, it also did good box office.
By Lorelei Mihala

Some Well-Needed Attention for Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan
An attack on a local actress and pop media producer gets people talking, with social media users showing solidarity but also mocking the problem.
By Gillian Rochkind


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