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In Search of a Turkmen Nation
How the bizarre eccentricities of the country’s leaders and a wealth of new customs are contributing to the creation of ‘invented traditions.’
By Abel Polese


August 8

Judoka Wins Historic Gold for Kosovo in Rio
Russia’s entire Paralympic team banned over doping scandal.

Macedonia Mourns Victims of Flash Flood
At least 21 die as torrential downpour overwhelms villages near Skopje.

Ukrainian Separatist Leader Survives Bomb Blast
Whether the result of a Ukrainian military plot or infighting in rebel ranks, the attempted assassination underlines rising tensions in the Donbas.

August 9

Mental Athletics Increasingly Popular in Mongolia
Mongolians, statistically, are the world’s best speed memorizers, in no small part thanks to one man’s visionary scheme.

Apple in Russian Price-Fixing Probe
Local resellers may have conspired with the Silicon Valley tech giant to overcharge consumers, the anti-monopoly service says.

Melania Trump Speech Unleashes Nasty Academic Debate
South Slavic scholars jump all over Polish-American professor’s claim of an inborn East European tendency to cheat.

Turkish Leader Pledges Closer Relationship With Russia
In St. Petersburg, Erdogan is expecting praise for his crackdown at home, and understanding of his Syria policy.


Ukraine’s Avenging Angels
One group has been the main engine behind the country’s anti-corruption efforts.
By Tatania Kozak

Moldova Turns to Hire Education
Can new, improved vocational training rectify a dearth of skilled workers and a
distorted labor market?
By Zarina Alimbaeva

Russia Set to Veto MH17 Resolution, Orban Lashes Out at Refugees, European Left
Plus, a detained Azerbaijani journalist appears in court, and Serbia vows to keep
Kosovo out of UNESCO.
By Timothy Spence

Kremlin Propaganda In Czech Republic Plays Long Game To Sow Distrust In EU
Sowing distrust and disbelief in Europe and its institutions is the main aim of
Russian propaganda in the Czech Republic, according to a new study.
By Tony Wesolowsky, originally for RFE/RL


The final stretch: Some Press Start journalists hit their crowdfunding mark, but others still need a little help

Last month, we put Press Start, TOL’s new crowdfunding platform for journalists, into your hands, and many of you did not disappoint.
We’re in the final stretch of our inaugural campaigns, and we’re thrilled to report that some of our reporters and editors have met their goals. But others – who set more ambitious targets – still need help. If you haven’t contributed yet, can we convince you to kick in $20? We need this early success for Press Start to prove that it’s viable. Then we can go in search of major media attention, perhaps more institutional donors, and, of course, hundreds more individual contributors for, we hope, hundreds more journalists. The first days of this experiment will likely be the toughest, but the early dollars are crucial. If you can help us, please give to one of our outstanding reporters and editors from Congo, Honduras, or Lebanon, or consider contributing to the Press Start mutual fund, which we use to top up the campaigns of journalists who are almost at the finish line.