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School Wars
Kids, teachers, even the president agree: Lithuania’s alarming level of school bullying is just one of many ills that are spreading misery across society.
By Linas Jegelevicius

China’s Checkbook Diplomacy
Central Europe continues to actively court Chinese investment. But increased coziness with Beijing comes with tradeoffs, including a loss in influence for the region’s traditional ally, the United States.
By Prem Mahadevan


August 3

Once Again, Forced Laborers Work in Uzbek Cotton Fields
The much-criticized practice is slowing dwindling under the constant glare of publicity, but estimates put the number of annual workers at from 500,000 to 1 million.

Bosnian Leaders Agree on EU Membership Conditions
Setting aside their differences, Serb and Bosniak parties accede to EU accession plan, paving the way for IMF loan.

Central Asia Stepping Up E-Surveillance, Reports Claim
Western security firm refuses to confirm it sold Uzbekistan spyware able to monitor phone calls and e-mails.

Nazi Chief Heydrich’s Death Re-enacted in New Film
‘Anthropoid’ is most accurate film version yet of the Holocaust planner’s death and its bloody aftermath, producers say.

Montenegro’s Last ‘Sworn Virgin’ Dies
The centuries-old Balkan custom allowed women to dress as men and take on the privileges of manhood – except sex.


August 4

More Money Woes for Stricken Turkmenistan
Forex restrictions hit importers, sparking a rush on shops. Can TAPI save the day?

Kyiv Demands Release of More POWs in Donbas
Despite recent release of 23 prisoners by separatist forces, Ukraine says many more being held, as well as political prisoners in Russia.

‘Zombie’ Anthrax Threatening Remote Siberian Peninsula
Experts believe rising temperatures in the Arctic Circle caused permafrost to thaw and release infectious anthrax spores from a diseased reindeer carcass.

Secrecy Over Accident at Belarus Nuclear Plant Worries Neighbors
Details are still emerging over the incident, though it occurred almost a month ago.

Tajikistan Cracks Down on ‘Incomprehensible’ Words
In the latest move in a series of regulations on language and customs, Tajik authorities order journalists to use simpler language.

August 5

Russia Fields Stripped-Down Olympic Team
Battered by multiple doping scandals, the country hopes Rio Games will restore its proud sporting tradition.

Poland Won’t Lift Restrictions on Kaliningrad Border
Residents of Russian exclave deprived of visa-free regime for an unspecified period of time over security concerns.

Chisinau Grumbles at Russian Military Exercises in Transdniester
The breakaway region remains a bone of contention between Moldova and Russia, as Moscow’s popularity among Moldovans increases.


Moldova: Water – Source of Corruption?
Moldova’s environmental fund give grants without much oversight; one to the village of Gura Cainarului may land its mayor and local business in hot water.
By Marcela Zamosteanu, and Dorin Galben

Latest Business Highlights From Periscope
Surprising facts about Polish startups … Silesian miners demand more state money … Hungarian central bank plans takeover of Budapest bourse.
By Martin Ehl

Kremlin Propaganda In Czech Republic Plays Long Game To Sow Distrust In EU
Sowing distrust and disbelief in Europe and its institutions is the main aim of Russian propaganda in the Czech Republic, according to a new study.
By Tony Wesolowsky, originally for RFE/RL

Servants of the State
Veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War in Tajikistan cast themselves as loyal partners of the Rahmon regime. More than political opportunism, this approach resonates with rhetoric inherited from the Soviet era.
By Markus Göransson

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