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Around the Bloc: Victory Day Celebrations Highlight Contrasting Views of War
Putin warns against ‘exceptionalism,’ while Slovak premier denounces ‘anti-Russian madness.’10 May 2018

Around the Bloc: Poland in New Move Against Russian Pipeline
Regulator could punish Gazprom and its partners in the German-backed Nord Stream 2 project.
10 May 2018

Around the Bloc: New Armenian PM Ruffles Baku’s Feathers
Nikol Pashinyan takes hard line on Karabakh, says could meet Putin next week.
10 May 2018

Around the Bloc: Montenegrin Journalist Shot and Injured in Pristina
International criticism is shaping the strategic direction of Putin’s fourth term. From The Conversation.
9 May 2018

Opinion: The Predictable Season
While dismal media freedom rankings for TOL’s coverage region are commonplace this time of the year, the recent surge in citizen activism…
9 May 2018

Society: Chernobyl Brought Italy and Belarus Closer Together
Their approach could do the same for other nations. From the Conversation.
9 May 2018

Around the Bloc: Azeri Bribery Scandal Widens
Former members of the Council of Europe’s assembly accused of taking money, gifts to further interests of Baku regime.
8 May 2018

Media: An Unlikely Twitter Star
The verdict will be announced next week in a trial that has rattled the upper echelons of the Turkish political elite, but it was a brave woman’s tweets that broke the media’s silence over the case.
8 May 2018

World News and Chernobyl Salad  
Radiation fears and the madman in Libya poke at old wounds in Bulgaria.
31 March 2011

1917: What Is There to Celebrate?
Mostly Russians are ignoring the messy question of what happened back then, and even Vladimir Putin can’t come up with a consistent narrative.
7 November 2017