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July 27
Moscow Patriarchate Throng Enters Kyiv
Officials, nationalists accuse marchers of being pawns in a Kremlin-backed effort to destabilize the country.

Competitors Eye Budapest as Uber Exits
Strict new regulations don’t amount to a ban but leave the company no choice but to suspend its service in the Hungarian capital.

Moldova Earns IMF Reprieve
But scandal-plagued Chisinau hears latest of many warnings that it must reform its banks and clean up corruption before it can access international money.

Obama Hints at Russian Hand in Damaging Leak
U.S. intelligence agencies are investigating reports that government-backed hackers may have penetrated Democratic Party servers.

Five Wounded in Gunfight at Besieged Yerevan Police Station
Two gunmen surrender after overnight clash; four medics taken hostage amid continued demonstrations supporting the siege.

July 28
Romanian Council Upholds Plagiarism Verdict for Former PM
Although Victor Ponta formally gave up his title in 2014, he still claims that plagiarism charges are politically motivated.

Russian Orthodox Church Goes High-Tech to Reach Believers
In addition to usual messaging features, a new app will fulfill needs for “interaction and continuous contact between parishioners and the Church.”

Donald Trump Talks of Crimea Recognition
The Republican presidential contender said he “has nothing to do with Putin,” but suggests he might recognize the annexation of part of Ukraine if given the chance.

$1.3 Billion in Weapons Flows from CEE to Middle East
Countries in Central Europe and the Balkans have discreetly been sending weapons that likely end up in war zones in the Middle East, investigation reveals.

July 29
Czech Politicians Look to Feed Off Olympics Hype
Olympic fan parks across the Czech Republic, built at state expense, will open weeks ahead of regional elections.

Are Balkan War Criminals Getting Off the Hook?
Whether through death or court rulings, ex-Yugoslavs accused of gruesome crimes are slipping through legal cracks.

Google Maps Will Revert to Old Names for Crimea
After complaints from Russian-annexed region, the mapping service will undo changes in street, town and region names.

Iran Funded Kosovo Extremists, Pristina Says
Arrest may lead to more scrutiny of Tehran’s alleged financial support for Balkan Muslim groups.


Moldova: Water – Source of Corruption?
Moldova’s environmental fund give grants without much oversight; one to the village of Gura Cainarului may land its mayor and local business in hot water.
By Marcela Zamosteanu, and Dorin Galben

Flood Victims in the Shadow of Inter Party Fighting
As Bosnia seeks to recover from last year’s floods, many flood victims are losing out because money earmarked for them has disappeared during the election campaign.
By Paulina Janusz

Ukraine’s Fracking Big Show
With oil majors waving billions of dollars around, Yanukovych’s party is eager to tap Ukraine’s shale gas deposits. Political foes are no less eager to make hay of the controversial technology.
By Ivan Lozowy

The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin
Dozhd TV chief editor Mikhail Zygar’s account of Russia under Putin lets the facts speak for themselves.
By Vladimir Kozlov

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