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NATO and Russia: The Road Ahead
Did the Warsaw Summit represent a significant new development – as is argued both by NATO lobbyists and by the blowhards in Moscow?
By Peter Rutland

A Tribute to Pavel Sheremet
The Belarusian journalist, killed by a car bomb last week, was a larger-than-life figure who inspired many with his tenacious reporting and forceful personality.

Georgia’s Olympic Team: Overdressed For the Occasion?
Inspired by traditional Georgian costumes, the outfits were derided for their “provincial modesty.”
From EurasiaNet.


July 25
Russia Accused of Leaking U.S. Democratic Party Emails
The embarrassing e-mails play into the hands of Donald Trump, as some see yet another indication that Russia is actively supporting the Republican candidate.

93-year-old Czech WWII Pilot Flies His Beloved Spitfire Again
The former RAF pilot had not flown one in 70 years.

July 26
Satirical Donald Duck Cartoon Un-Banned in Russia
Deemed extremist, the award-winning cartoon had previously landed an internet user in jail for six months

Former Lithuanian Holocaust Site Now a Wedding Venue
Critics say the local NGO running the complex has to do a much better job of marking the past of the former concentration camp.

German Minority in Poland Fears Marginalization
Warsaw’s decision to integrate several villages into the city of Opole could end up stripping the local German minority of a number of their current rights.


How One Kremlin Critic Is Taking On the Censors (and Losing)
In Putin’s third term, small websites have been blocked and larger outlets have been pressured into editorial changes. From Global Voices.
By Kevin Rothrock

Conflicts of Interest: Press vs. Public
For the oligarchs who control the Czech print media, the purpose of owning a newspaper is to acquire a ‘nuclear shield’ against critics.
By Katerina Safarikova

Slovakia: Dancing With the Devil
Grim forebodings over the arrival of ultra-rightists in the Slovak parliament.
By Martin Ehl

Where Are the Opposition Leaders?
Central Europe appears to be in the clutches of illiberal rulers. Charismatic opposition figures with backbone are in short supply.
By Martin Ehl


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