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Around the Bloc: ‘Slovakia Has To Be a Country Where Corruption, Not Courage, Is Punished’
Tens of thousands of protesters ask for resignation of police and judiciary officials, riled by still-unsolved murder of investigative journalist.
16 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Italian Businessmen Allegedly Laundered Mafia Money in Romania
Profits from real estate investments in a Romanian city then sent back to Italy to finance mafia activities, reports say.
16 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Western-leaning Djukanovic Wins Montenegro’s Presidential Elections
The former president and six-time prime minister hailed result as “another important victory for Montenegro’s European future.”
16 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Infighting Hits Opposition Camp as Moscow Mayoral Campaign Opens
Two liberals are fighting for the chance to oust Kremlin man Sobyanin from one of Russia’s most powerful elected posts.
13 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Kristeva and Her Bulgarian Suffering
It may be hard to comprehend now, but for a Bulgarian emigre pre-1989, petty compromises with the system were possible, even desirable.
13 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Holy Smoke! Bulgarian Church Embraces Macedonian Brethren
Move echoes political reconciliation with a country many Bulgarians see as their little brother.
13 April 2018

 Romania’s Corruption Fighters Score Another Takedown
Lawmakers and pundits are scrutinizing the anti-graft unit’s close ties to the country’s main spy agency.
9 February 2018

 Trial of Suspected Coup Plotters Set to Start in Montenegro
Government says Serbian nationalists backed by Russia planned to overthrow pro-NATO government.
23 May 2017