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Cubing in Prague
The Czech capital hosts the 2016 European Rubik’s Cube Championship, as the cube, a Hungarian invention, comes home to Central Europe.
By Elizabeth Potter and Gillian Rochkind

Yazidis on Edge
Armenia’s largest ethnic minority fears the impact of administrative reform on local-language education.


July 20
Anti-Gulen Campaign Spreads to Caucasus
Turkey’s massive crackdown on supporters of U.S.-based cleric is making waves in neighboring countries

Car Bomb Kills Prominent Journalist in Kyiv
Police are treating Pavel Sheremet’s death as premeditated murder.

Anger Grows Over Albanian Plan to Tame Wild River
Governmental plans to generate hydropower from the Vjosa River draw protests from environmentalists, locals.

Top Russian Crime Fighters Suspected of Mob Ties
Investigative Committee officials allegedly took bribes, arranged release of notorious crime figure.


July 21
Monumental Dispute Over Ivan the Terrible Statue
Plans to build a statue of the controversial 16th-century tsar draw the ire of  residents.

Plitvice Lakes National Park in Danger of Losing World Heritage Status
Unchecked construction and extensive tourism might cost the park its spot on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Torture, Violence, and Abuses Still Prevalent in Eastern Ukraine
A recently released report shows that both the Ukrainian government and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine are torturing civilians.

Hostage Standoff in Armenia Turns Violent
At least 45 injured as protestors attack riot police.

July 22
Macedonia’s Feuding Pols Bury the Hatchet (Again)
Macedonian parties agree to a deal that could finally end a bitter dispute between conservatives and social democrats.

Ukrainian Torrent Mogul Nabbed in Poland
Artem Vaulin, aka ‘tirm,’ allegedly funneled millions in ad revenue to a Latvian bank.

Azeri Leader Asks for Greater Powers
Proposed constitutional amendments would strengthen president’s control over
parliament, limit freedom of assembly and property rights.

Albania Approves EU-Friendly Judicial Reforms
The Balkan country bows to demands from Brussels and Washington for a more
transparent legal system.


Moldova Turns to Hire Education
Can new, improved vocational training rectify a dearth of skilled workers and a distorted labor market?
By Zarina Alimbaeva

What Russian Students Learn About Russia’s Enemies
Warmed-over conspiracy theories and the battle of ideas. From openDemocracy.
By Serghei Golunov

Personal Revenge as a Political Tool
Central Europe is becoming a laboratory for populist manipulators.
By Martin Ehl

The Wrong Rights
A top Czech official asks if civil liberties should remain his government’s priority. 
By Katerina Safarikova


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