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Around the Bloc: Kyiv Weighs Costs of Prosecuting Manafort
Ukraine’s elites may feel that keeping Trump happy outweighs the karma points for crushing his former aide.15 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Coalition Partners Undermined Me, Says Slovenia’s Outgoing Premier
High court orders a referendum on government-backed railway project to be re-run.15 March 2018
 Around the Bloc: Moldovan Ex-MP Jailed as Russian Spy
Lithuania also engrossed as a parliamentarian quits amid allegations of working for Russian interests..15 March 2018

Politics: Satan’s Hand in the Budapest Metro
The head of Budapest’s public transport system stood in the way of a Russian metro company’s business, with more than 200 million euros at stake. That didn’t last long. From VSquare.
14 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Bulgaria Fires Back Over Erdogan’s Provocative Comments
The Turkish president’s remark about “victims and oppressed brothers” in the Balkans rankles in the former Ottoman colonies.
14 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Georgian Prime Minister Reaches Out to Russia
Moscow welcomes overture to improve bilateral relations, but says the death of a Georgian national in South Ossetia should not be part of the conversation.
13 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Teacher Strike Highlights Kosovo’s Education Woes
EU representative says the country’s lack of progress on education reform could cost it dearly.
13 March 2018

Environment: Misplaced Praise
U.S. support of coal in Kosovo contradicts future health and prosperity.
13 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Hungary Keeps Central European University on Ice
School says it has satisfied demands of a new law, but the government keeps toying with an institution it regards as a bastion of liberalism.
13 March 2018


Serbs Demand Higher Pensions and Wages
Protests by senior citizens underline the parlous condition of retirees in Serbia and Bosnia.
27 October 2017
 Bulgarian Rightists Block Turkish BorderBarricades embody many Bulgarians’ fury with Ankara over alleged meddling in next weekend’s election.21 March 2017