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Around the Bloc: Mass Rallies Rattle Czech Government
Protests against appointment of communist-era riot squad member to head police watchdog morph into attacks on prime minister.
8 March 2018

Around the Bloc: German and Romanian Police Crack Trafficking Ring
Investigators say migrants paid smugglers up to $6,000 for transport from Turkey to Western Europe.
8 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Tajik Dissidents Running Out of Safe Havens
Turkey is increasingly hostile to religious exiles and other opponents of harsh Dushanbe regime, Tajik activists claim.
8 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Bulgaria and Mongolia Erect Monument to Cyrillic Alphabet in Antarctica
In addition to a shared alphabet, the two countries also have a decade-long history of collaboration on Arctic research.
7 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Poland Clashes With Both EU and U.S. Over Recent Moves
Ruling party, risking EU voting rights suspension, appoints own nominees to judicial watchdog, while Holocaust law might cost Warsaw U.S. funding for military projects.
7 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Polish Extremists Suspected in Ukraine Arson
Ukrainian officials hint at Russian involvement in two attempts to burn down a building used by the Hungarian minority.
6 March 2018

Around the Bloc: Kyrgyzstan Celebrates National Hat Day
The new holiday reveals patriotic sentiments in a country where national traditions are on the upswing.
6 March 2018


Bigamous Kyrgyz Cleric Is Unrepentant
The popular ex-mufti insists that polygamy is tradition, sparking a debate on the role of Islam in the officially secular state.
30 November 2017
 Afghan Refugee Family Offered Serbian CitizenshipThousands more migrants and refugees remain stranded in Serbian camps, trapped by higher European entry barriers for non-whites.18 August 2017


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