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July 11

New HBO Miniseries Explores Life in a Czech Mining Village
Cable giant makes another successful foray into local programming, using top local talent.

Poles Blame Coal Mining for Depleted Lakes
Mining company denies responsibility for dramatic drops in water levels in Wielkopolska region.

‘No Divorce’ for a Day in Russian Region
Residents of north-western Novgorod were encouraged to rethink splitting up on the annual day of “Family, Love, and Faithfulness.”

NATO Leaders Agree to Boosts Presence in Poland, Baltics
Thousands of troops to be deployed in Eastern Europe, in the most decisive move to counter Russia since the end of the Cold War.

July 12

Still a Mystery: The Tunguska Explosion
Most scientists believe that “the most powerful explosion in documented history,”as the BBC put it, was caused by a meteor or a comet. All agree it left part of Siberia a wasteland.

Activist in Kyrgyzstan Will be Retried
Azimjan Askarov was among the ethnic Uzbeks sent to prison for allegedly fomenting fierce ethnic clashes in 2010.

Population Melts Away in East, Central EU
The population of Lithuania fell faster than that of any other EU country last year.

Romanian Food Law Angers Big Retailers
The controversial law requires supermarkets to locally source at least 51 percent of many products.

Mongolian Dam Funding Paused Over Russian Concerns
In a rare show of unity, the Kremlin and environmental groups concur on the risks posed to unique Lake Baikal by the proposed dam.


An Unlikely Leader in the Making?
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a major new political player.
By Martin Ehl

The Resurrection of Vaclav Klaus
At the get-together of Kremlin sympathizers in Greece last month, one of the headlines was the presence of Czech former President Vaclav Klaus.
By Katerina Safarikova

Moldovan Justice: Fast and Furious
Politics make for strange bedfellows, but politicians of all stripes see one man, Vlad Plahotniuc, a billionaire ‘gray eminence’, as having orchestrated their arrests or prolonged detentions.
By Marina Shupac

Testing the Winds
Environmental concerns are taking a back seat to politics in the Czech government’s thinking on renewable energy.
By Tim Gosling


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