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Around the Bloc: Slovakia Stunned by Journalist’s Killing
Reporter had investigated reputed crime bosses and their links to the ruling populist party.
26 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Orban’s Party Loses Stronghold to Opposition
Independent elected mayor in a town seen as staunchly loyal to the ruling Fidesz party.
26 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Uzbekistan Plans Maiden Bond Sale
Central Asia’s once isolated states are increasingly seeking foreign money to kick start their economies.
26 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Czech Billionaire Snaps Up Bulgaria’s Biggest Broadcaster
Acquisition confirms trend of Western owners exiting the politically charged media environment of southeastern Europe.
23 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Russian Workers Offered 1m Rubles to Take Jobs in Far East
Can a few thousand workers and settlers reverse the region’s devastating population loss? 
23 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Kyiv Red-Faced at Loss of EU  Border Funds
Scrapped scheme was meant to speed crossing times at dilapidated border checkpoints.
23 February 2018

Around the Bloc: Bulgarian Discovers a Third Sex
How a ratification debate, a translation misunderstanding, and social prejudices set the country on fire.
23 February 2018


Protecting Eastern European Journalists, Before It’s Too Late
More than half a year after the death of journalist Pavel Sheremet, his colleagues are frustrated about the apparent lack of progress in finding his killers. From Hromadske. 16 February 2017

Rise and Fall
Media freedom in Central and Eastern Europe has dramatically deteriorated since five countries in the region joined the EU.
17 July 2017