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#IAmNotAfraidToSayIt: Ukrainian Social Media Users Break the Silence on Sexual

A new hashtag is trending in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook:‪ #‎ЯНеБоюсьСказати (#IAmNotAfraidToSayIt), allowing Internet users to share their stories and experiences of sexual harassment, sexual violence, and domestic violence. From Global Voices. 
By Tetyana Lokot


July 6
Turkey Takes U-turn Toward Russia
Ankara seeks new allies in struggle against Islamic State.

Russia On Course to Drain $87 Billion Fund in 2017
Amid recession and low oil prices the government has used its once-overflowing wealth funds to fill holes in the budget.

Hungary Sets Date for EU Quotas Referendum
Viktor Orban’s government accelerates its campaign against EU refugee policies in the wake of Britain’s Leave vote.

July 7
As NATO Summit Approaches, More Fear of Russia
As leaders start to gather in Poland, talk of a build-up of Russian forces in Kaliningrad only the latest worry for some member states.

Bulgarian Government Goes Open-Source
In an attempt to save costs and increase transparency, agencies can only procure customized software for which the source code is made freely available to the public.

Ukrainians Demand a ‘European Salary for European Tariffs’
Reacting to a sharp increase in utility costs, thousands of protesters march through Kyiv.

Koran Burned at a Rally in Czech Republic
The summer season has done little to slow down one of the country’s most prominent, anti-Muslim activists.

Protests Underway at Budapest Park Despite Police Action
Activists and a large proportion of Budapest residents oppose plans to cut down trees in order to make way for costly museum district.

July 8
Surge of Chechen Asylum Seekers in Poland
Belarusian border town has become main transit point for those on their way to Europe, who say they fear increased oppression back home.

Putin Signs Anti-Terror Law, Drawing Sharp Criticism
The controversial “Yarovaya’s Bill” will have far-reaching effects on the Russian population.

Amnesty Says Belarus Using Telecoms to Spy
The government only lets communication companies operate in country if willing to provide nearly unlimited data to authorities, says report.

European Central Bank Enraged by Police Raid in Slovenia’s Central Bank
ECB President Mario Draghi lodges protest over seizure of sensitive ECB data as part of a pre-criminal investigation.


Time’s Up for the Great Game
Eight young scholars take a welcome step toward transforming academic and political discourse on Central Asia.
By Robert A. Saunders

Vucic Presses Bosnian Serbs on Referendum, Vilnius Removes Soviet-Era Statues
Plus, Macedonian parties call for strengthening independent institutions, and the head of a Russian news agency says his social media sites are blocked.
By Timothy Spence

Quickie Russian Citizenship in Transdniester
The consulate in the breakaway region of Moldova is reportedly creating lots of new citizens, who might need to be protected one day.
By Halya Coynash

As Predictable as Predictable Can Be
After the Karadzic verdict, the ethnic leaders and their media took their constituents through the well-trodden motions of mutual hostility. And? And that’s largely it.
By Tihomir Loza


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