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Some Well-Needed Attention for Domestic Violence in Kazakhstan
An attack on a local actress and pop media producer gets people talking, with social
media users showing solidarity but also mocking the problem. 
By Gillian Rochkind


July 4
Polish Government Continues Media Makeover
Local professional organization says over 160 journalists have left state broadcasters
since new government took power.

Border Disputes Pit Balkan States Against Each Other
Kosovo opposition MPs question a demarcation agreement with Montenegro, and the Slovenian foreign minister resigns over a row with Croatia.

Mongolian Opposition Sweeps to Landslide Win
The Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) won a resounding victory last week in
parliamentary elections after an economic downturn in recent years.

Chechen Leader Will Host ‘Apprentice’ Style Reality Show
Ramzan Kadyrov seeks a new aide – anyone can enter, only one will win.

July 5
Russia Adds Yuan to Forex Basket
Russia is diversifying its foreign currency reserves away from traditional
Western assets.

Albanian PM Broke Law for Obama Photo Op, Says Opposition
An Albanian-born New Jersey man admitted last week to making an illegal donation
to the Obama campaign with money from a foreign source.

Archeologists Find Holocaust Escape Tunnel in Lithuania
Survivors had spoken of the tunnel used by 80 Jewish prisoners in a daring 1944
escape, and now scientists have confirmed its existence.


Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European
Commission says.
By Tihomir Loza

How One Kremlin Critic Is Taking On the Censors (and Losing)
In Putin’s third term, small websites have been blocked and larger outlets have
been pressured into editorial changes. From Global Voices.
By Kevin Rothrock

Conflicts of Interest: Press vs. Public
For the oligarchs who control the Czech print media, the purpose of owning a
newspaper is to acquire a ‘nuclear shield’ against critics.
By Katerina Safarikova

An Unlikely Leader in the Making?
Last week the Czech Republic witnessed the emergence of Bohuslav Sobotka as a
major new political player.
By Martin Ehl

Early Education Incentives for Romanian Kids at Risk
An NGO’s radical idea – food for poor families that send their children to preschool
every day – could become national policy by 2020.
By Lina Vdovii


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