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A Wake-Up Call For Europe
While many Central Europeans mourn the Leave victory in the UK’s referendum,
the region’s leaders say the vote should push the EU to revamp its policies – and
By Lyubomir Martinov


June 22
A Big Win for Albania
Soccer victory earns Albanian national team players diplomatic passports and extra

Polish Court Finds Former General Guilty in Smolensk Crash
State prosecution plans to exhume remains and reopen the investigation.

Macedonian Parliament Votes Against Impeaching President Ivanov
The main opposition party, the Social Democrats, fails to secure a needed two-thirds majority.

EU Set to Extend Sanctions Against Russia
Talk of easing the measures in some European capitals still not enough to force
a rollback.

June 23
Foreign Pressure Will Not Sway Construction of Belarus’ First Nuclear Plant
Neighboring nations have voiced environmental concerns about the project,
which comes 30 years after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

Hungary’s Soccer Team Soars in Euro Cup
Fans at home, including Hungary’s ruling party Fidesz, are thrilled with victory
at Euro 2016.

Russia’s Feud with Scientology Leads to Arrests
In latest crackdown, police raid Scientology offices and churches, citing suspicions
of criminal business dealings.

Online Dissenters in Russia Targeted
Internet freedom is increasingly fraying at the edges, as government critics on
social media sites face physical assaults.

Russian Culture Minister Says Netflix Instrument of U.S. Policy
Comments suggest streaming service used to brainwash the masses.

Serbia Recalls EU Ambassador Over a Controversial Croatian Exposition
Foreign Ministry chides own diplomat for not doing enough to derail Brussels event.

June 24
New Russian Tech Initiative to Pursue Teleportation
State funds will cover half of the initial costs of the project, which also calls for
5G internet and cyber-defense centers.

Prague May Get Driverless Buses
If all goes according to plan, residents of the Czech capital might soon be surprised
to enter city buses without anyone behind the wheel.

Russia May Deploy Nuclear Missiles in Kaliningrad
The missiles, positioned deep within Europe, would serve to escalate already
high tensions.

Macedonian ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Take On the Political Establishment
The all-women team has become popular for spearheading a probe into former
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski’s wiretapping scandal.

Russia Bans Council of Europe From Monitoring Elections
The move comes in retaliation for the European body’s suspension of Russia’s
voting rights in 2014.


Crimea in Darkness
As its power supply slowly returns to normal, TOL looks at how the people of Crimea
are coping with blackouts and shortages.
By Julia Ivanova (alias)

A ‘Bucket of Mud’ for Belarus
The country’s mercurial leader first welcomes the Nobel Prize in literature for
Svetlana Alexievich, then attacks the world-famous writer.
By Tatiana Kozak

Dear Facebook, Please Don’t Hand Our Data to The Kremlin
Activists are calling for the world’s biggest tech companies to resist Vladimir Putin’s demand that they their host servers – and users’ personal data – in Russia. From the Guardian.
By Andrei Soldatov

The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin
Dozhd TV chief editor Mikhail Zygar’s account of Russia under Putin lets the facts
speak for themselves.
By Vladimir Kozlov