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June 20
Baku Scores Glitz Points for Inaugural F1 Race
Government goes all out to make a good impression in the face of bad PR over
human rights, tanking economy.

Zika Cure on the Horizon, Czech Scientists Say
Newly discovered compounds appear to be effective against the viruses that cause
Zika and other diseases, but years are needed to develop human vaccines

EU Pledges Funds for Kosovo War Crimes Court
Past and present leading politicians could face charges for gruesome mistreatment of
civilians during independence struggle.

Chinese Leader Talks Trade in Belgrade, Warsaw
The search for new export markets is the underlying reason for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s trip to Serbia and Poland

Ukrainian Gas Fraud Lands 10 in Jail
$120 million allegedly stolen by gas company officials and a member of parliament.

June 21
Armenian, Azeri Presidents Discuss Karabakh With Putin
More OSCE observers may be sent to monitor situation weeks after more than 100
troops and civilians died in violent flare-up.

Money Behind Boris Nemtsov’s Killing, Russia Says
Investigative Committee closes investigation, rules out religious motive for death of prominent Kremlin critic

Controversial Figure in Romanian Revolution Dies at 88
Friend, then foe of Ceausescu regime went to prison for ordering the killing of protesters during chaotic regime change in 1989.

Russia Apportions Blame for Boating Disaster
Storm that caused deaths of 14 youngsters had been predicted; instructors
ignored pleads to cancel trip


Visegrad: Democracy’s Enemies Are Already Within The Gates
Though Central European populism may sometimes resemble its Western
European variant, some continuities with the countries’ inter-war authoritarian
past are one disturbing difference. From bne IntelliNews.
By Robert Anderson

Slovakia: Dancing With the Devil
Grim forebodings over the arrival of ultra-rightists in the Slovak parliament.
By Martin Ehl

Neighbors Prepare for the Next Big One
Satellites replace sandbags as the countries of the Danube basin join forces to
fight floods.
By Thomas Orszag-Land

Precious Bane
Local protests against two Bulgarian gold-mining projects are becoming
national news.
By Georgi Iliev