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Facing Off Against Fascism
The Slovak president and NGO sector are at least trying to figure out what to do
next – unlike most of the political elite.
By Martin Ehl

Kremlin Propaganda In Czech Republic Plays Long Game To Sow Distrust In EU
Sowing distrust and disbelief in Europe and its institutions is the main aim of
Russian propaganda in the Czech Republic, according to a new study.
By Tony Wesolowsky, originally for RFE/RL


June 15
Serbian Prime Minister Cancels Western Trips
Surprise announcement after meeting EU, U.S. diplomats follows PM’s earlier
visit with Russian leader Putin.

New App Will Simplify Mail Delivery in Mongolia
The app assigns a three-word combination to every point on the planet, ideal
for the billions who have no mailing address.

Ukrainian Guns Could Flood Western Europe, Experts Caution
Arrest of Frenchman with a small arsenal has ramped up concerns about
Donbas weapons being smuggled westward.

Kyiv, Moscow Exchange More Prisoners
In latest swap, Russia sends two Ukrainians home in return for …
two Ukrainians.

June 16
US, NATO Boost Aid to Beleaguered Ukraine
The war in eastern Ukraine has taken its toll on the economy. This should help.

Four Kazakh Olympic Champions Fail Doping Tests
Athletes, including Kazakh icon Ilya Ilyin, are likely to lose their 2012 Olympic

Russian Lawmakers Want to Get Rid of Extremist Law
Critics of law may have found an unlikely ally – the party of infamous
nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky,  known for his … extremist statements.

Hungarian Effort to Prevent Brain Drain Shuts Down
New EU member states losing hundreds, even thousands, of workers to
countries with higher wages struggle to combat the toll.

Turkey May Have Scrapped Refugee Deal with Bulgaria
Bulgarian media are reporting suspension of readmission agreement, but
Turkish Embassy denies major change.

June 17
Out of the Darkness in Albania
After 18 years some rural Albanian families will finally be able to sit around their
dining room tables in the light.

Exodus of Churches from Orthodox Summit
A once-in-a-millennium meeting is on shaky ground, and some wonder about
Russia’s role. Plus the Ukrainian Orthodox Church seeks independence from its
Moscow leadership.

Bulgaria Won’t Take Part in Anti-Russia Military Buildup
Bulgarian PM says he rejected a Romanian proposal to create a joint Black Sea
fleet against Russia, while Romanian president cites a translation mistake.

Croatian Government Falls
Conservatives lose faith in technocrat prime minister after only a few months
in office.


Lithuania: Image Breakers
A small group of Iraqis is changing perceptions of ‘the other’ in a country that
has accepted only a handful of asylum seekers.
By Linas Jegelevicius

Russia’s Bridge to Crimea: Quick Profits for Putin’s Crony, Zero Accountability
The huge project disregards major environmental and safety issues.
By Halya Coynash

Latest Business Highlights From Periscope
Surprising facts about Polish startups … Silesian miners demand more state
money … Hungarian central bank plans takeover of Budapest bourse.
By Martin Ehl

Propaganda Wars in the Czech Republic
Better that Czech teenagers learn about Russian propaganda in school than be
hit by it unprepared. From
By Alexandra Malachovska


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