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June 13
Protests Continue Against Clandestine Building Demolitions in Belgrade
Thousands gather in Belgrade to voice dissent against the government’s development
deal with a consortium of UAE business people.

Poland and Baltic States Seek Missile Shield to Deter Russia
Divisions within NATO could stymie demands from Russian neighbors for bigger, better weaponry.

Russia Faces UEFA Probe for Euro 2016 Fan Violence

June 14
U.S. Easing Pressure on Hardline Central Asian Regimes
State Department’s budget request emphasizes concrete policy goals instead of
loosely worded calls to defend rights and freedoms.

Macedonia Legalizes Medical Marijuana
But recreational growers and sellers in the small Balkan nation still face long prison
terms if caught.

Romania May Reopen 1989 Revolution Case
Investigation into hundreds of civilian deaths during uprising was declared classified
last year before any trials began.

Tblisi Zoo Flourishes Year On From Devastating Flood
Tbilisi’s beloved zoo is back to its pre-flood animal population, as the city makes plans
to move it to a safer site.


A Healthy Future?
A team of photographers will soon set off to find out if Soviet-era sanatoriums can
survive the modern age.
By Allison Tretina

Dear Facebook, Please Don’t Hand Our Data to The Kremlin
Activists are calling for the world’s biggest tech companies to resist Vladimir Putin’s
demand that they their host servers – and users’ personal data – in Russia. From the Guardian.
By Andrei Soldatov

Freedom from Expression
Balkan EU hopefuls failing to ensure freedom of expression, the European Commission
By Tihomir Loza

A Family Reflects on the Chernobyl Disaster
Three generations explain how their lives were transformed by the nuclear explosion
in 1986. From The Guardian.
By Olga Tsvetkova

Foreign Correspondents Course in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
between 4 – 10 September 2016

The Media Academy Iraq is offering a five-day course open to both new, as well as experienced journalists from around the world. The course will enable 12 journalists
to get an insider’s view of Iraqi Kurdistan, while honing the skills that are essential to every foreign correspondent.

Participants will spend one week together in Erbil and have the unique opportunity to
go on field trips and interview high-ranking actors on the ground, while gaining a better understanding of complex issues routinely encountered in Kurdistan. These issues:
included the fight against ISIS, the situation for refugees and IDPs, human rights issues and the question of a Kurdish state and current Iraqi politics.