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Around the Bloc: Heavy Floods Batter Albania
Prime minister says country now in recovery mode,
vows to legislate mandatory flood insurance.
4 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Azerbaijan Puts Another Journalist on Trial
Police say Afgan Mukhtarli illegally crossed the Georgian
border, while he claims to have been abducted from Tbilisi.
4 December 2017

Around the Bloc: The Trials and Retrials of Macedonia’s

Protests are held in the streets in Skopje and Pristina
as opposition leader says he will step down.
4 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Hacker Admits Aiding Russian
Agents in Yahoo Breach

One of two FSB agents indicted by U.S. in same
case may have been playing a double game.
1 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Debt-Saddled Tajikistan Mulls
More Bond Sales

Government badly needs funds for a huge hydropower
project it hopes will end the misery of winter blackouts.
1 December 2017

Around the Bloc: Russian Church, Crime Fighters Reopen
Probes of Nicholas II’s Death

Orthodox bishop denies anti-Semitic overtones in remarks
about ‘ritual murder’ of last czar and his family.
1 December 2017


Macedonia Mourns Victims of Flash Flood
At least 21 die as torrential downpour overwhelms
villages near Skopje.
8 August 2016

Bosnia Floods – Catastrophe Authorities Forgot
Last year’s floods were the worst in 30 years, made
even more damaging by a combination of institutional
inefficiency and changing weather.
24 November 2015