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On the Lighter Side: Wacky Bridge Stories
Think the Kadyrov scandal is the only strange bridge story out there? Think again.
By Matt Finkel

A Bridge That Divides
Even worse than the physical condition of the Enguri Bridge, which links Abkhazia
and the rest of Georgia, are the restrictions that make travel across impossible for
many ethnic Georgians.
By Ann Tsurtsumia-Zurabashvili


June 8

Black Sea Countries Vulnerable to Zika, WHO Warns
The Zika virus is expected to travel north with the warmer weather.

Frenchman Plotted Attacks at Euro 2016, Kyiv Says
Ukraine arrested man with big weapons cache, but French prosecutor says he was
likely just a gunrunner.

Poland Halts Intake of North Korean Workers
Human rights concerns and Poland’s desire to increase economic pressure on
Pyongyang seen as spurs to the decision.

Putin Says ‘Nyet’ to State Meddling in Media
Governments should not automatically label as propaganda news reports that rub
them the wrong way, Russian leader urges.

June 9

Ukrainian Secret Service Nixes Idea of Negotiations
Savchenko had proposed direct talks with separatists to end the conflict.

Israel and Russia Find Common Ground in Syria
Netanyahu and Putin meet again in Moscow, but Israeli PM dismisses suggestions
that he’s looking to replace United States as country’s main ally.

Bulgarian Communist Monument May Get New Lease on Life
Two young digital designers and an architect are spurring new ideas for the

June 10

Five Dead as Kazakh Police Hit Suspected Militants
Police were hunting suspects involved in weekend attacks in western city of

Obama Hopes for Early End to Ukraine Conflict
Top White House aide Susan Rice says international efforts are intensifying to
end the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Punk’s Not (Yet) Dead in Dushanbe
Under the combined blows of economic decline and official disapproval, alternative
lifestyles are withering in the Tajik capital.

Controversial Russian Artist Pavlensky Freed
Known for harming himself as a form of protest, Pavlensky was fined for damaging
‘cultural heritage’ – the doors to Moscow’s KGB/FSB headquarters.


Farewell to the Man from Lithuania
Poland mourns one of the most influential Central European cultural figures of the
last half-century.
By Wojciech Kosc

A ‘Bucket of Mud’ for Belarus
The country’s mercurial leader first welcomes the Nobel Prize in literature for
Svetlana Alexievich, then attacks the world-famous writer.
By Tatiana Kozak

EU Hypocrisy + Refugees = Balkanization?
As the refugee crisis drags on, the Balkans are being crushed between authoritarian
Turkey and dithering Europe.
By Martin Ehl

Uzbek Female Mullahs Make Comeback
Uzbekistan is one of the few Muslim countries where female Islamic teachers, known as otins, play an important religious role.
By Shuhratjon Khurramov


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