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Around the Bloc: Changed Status of Central Asian Big Cat Might Have Been Premature
Although no longer endangered, snow leopards remain on the list of threatened species.
20 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Anti-Fascists Criticize Latvian Independence Day Celebrations
Torchlight procession that followed largest military day parade since 1991 was similar to Nazi Germany marches held in the 1930s, critics say.
20 November 2017

Around the Bloc: Scandal Erupts at EU Kosovo Law Mission
Departure of chief judge raises more questions about the impartiality of the mission.
17 November 2017

Around the Bloc: LA Museum of Cold War Art to Reopen
Collection’s new home was originally built to withstand Soviet atomic bombs.
17 November 2017

Around the Bloc: EPs Chastise Poland for Rule of Law Violations
Warsaw unlikely to face serious sanctions despite barrage of criticism.
17 November 2017

Rare Slovenian Cave Dweller Expects Offspring 
The pink salamander’s reproductive habits have captivated scientists and Postojna Cave tourists.
1 March 2016

 Chernobyl Dead Zone Teeming With Animal Life
Populations of deer, wolves and other big animals have grown dramatically in the absence of human predators since the 1986 disaster.
7 October 2015