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June 6
Hungarian Gravediggers Bury the Competition
Two-man teams of local undertakers faced off in an admittedly somewhat
morbid competition to hand dig graves.

Huge Rally in Poland Protests Anti-Democratic Laws
Poland’s conservative government is facing renewed opposition as thousands
of protesters marched in Warsaw on 4 June to demonstrate against what
they called anti-democratic policies, the BBC reports.

June 7
Suspected Terrorists in Kazakhstan Mainly Locals Say Authorities
Authorities make arrests and search for others behind the deadliest terrorist
assault in the country’s history.

NATO Launches Massive Military Exercise in Poland
Moscow says war games are unjustified since Russia has no plans to invade.

Belarus Moves Against Crimea Recognition
Authorities ban Polish-made globes that depict the peninsula as part of Russia.

Swastika Allegedly Mowed into Latvian President’s Lawn
Observers noticed the man making the symbol in the grass shortly before he
mowed the rest of the lawn, making it disappear.

Legal Conflict Escalates over Kyrgyz Gold Mine
The Kyrgyz government has launched a criminal investigation of the Canadian
company that owns the Kumtor mine.

Abkhazia Wins ‘Alternative World Cup’
The Georgian breakaway state secures victory in a soccer competition of
unrecognized countries.

Macedonian President Revokes Rest of Pardons
Move paves the way for possible prosecution of those implicated in wiretapping


Nationalism Beyond the Parades
A traveling exhibition explores the personal dimension of a phenomenon usually
associated with the public square.
By Peter Rutland

On Polish Self-Confidence or a Mobile Phone as a Minesweeper
Optimism is still alive, even in a dug-up Silesian industrial town. 
By Martin Ehl

In Uzbekistan, an Undeclared Race to the Top
The ‘candidates’ are keeping quiet, but the autocratic
president’s 75th birthday prompts speculation about who might replace him.
By Makhmud Ismoilov

The Galloping Militarization of Eurasia
Beyond Ukraine, there is a wider and more disturbing process
of militarization under way.
From openDemocracy.
By Neil Melvin


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