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Around the Bloc:  Armenian Ruling Party Opens Door to Regime Change
“People’s candidate” Pashinyan poised to become head of a system dominated by the old guard he wants to uproot.
30 April 2018

Around the Bloc: New Budget Rules Could Widen EU’s East-West Divide
Poland and Co. may be feeling some jitters as the Commission seeks broad new powers against malcontents.
30 April 2018

Around the Bloc: Russia Extends Detention for Ukrainian Teen Terror Suspect
Family says Pavlo Hryb was abducted by the Russian FSB when he visited Belarus to meet a Russian girl.
30 April 2018

Media: Fake News, Moldova-Style
An article last month alleged that the EU was planning to destroy Romanian vineyards, and that the Moldovan ones would be next. From Ziarul de Garda.
27 April 2018

Around the Bloc:  Ukrainian Bloggers Launch Bitcoin-Funded Political Party
The self-proclaimed, right-wing liberal party supports changes to land sale and gun laws, and the legalization of same-sex marriage, casinos, cannabis, and prostitution.
27 April 2018

Around the Bloc:  Turkmen Treasure Trove Opens in Berlin
Ashgabat sends rarely seen Bronze Age artifacts abroad in goodwill gesture.
27 April 2018

 Talk of ‘Czexit’ Rattles Czech Companies, Study ShowsThough still a longshot, the Czech Republic’s possible break with the EU would apparently find support among a good chunk of society.26 March 2018 Russian Authorities Say Foiled Terrorist PlotFSB detains Central Asian suspects allegedly planning to replicate the 2015 Paris attacks.14 November 2016