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One Good Cop Is Not Enough
Some recent cases in Romania and Hungary are heartening, but much more is needed to improve trust in public institutions.
By Martin Ehl

Do I Love You More Than You Love Me?
Take care next time you call Cyrillic ‘the Russian alphabet,’ for you will surely offend a Bulgarian.
By Boyko Vassilev

Ukraine’s Parliament: Oligarchs’ Club or Democratic Chamber?
Ukraine’s president promised to break the oligarchs’ stronghold on power. A new generation of politicians wants that promise kept.
By Sergii Leshchenko


June 1
Polanski Should Face U.S. Justice for Child Sex, Poland Says
Director has eluded several U.S. requests for his extradition to be sentenced for the 1977 abuse of a 13-year-old girl.

Money Woes Could Shutter Bosnian Public TV
Station pleads with government to solve its chronic under-funding problem, as debts from users and entity stations mount.

Kyiv Bans More Russian Journalists
Media groups also concerned over high-level support for hacker group that published list of journalists accredited by Donbas separatists.

Ukrainian Engines Could Power U.S. Spacecraft
U.S. sanctions against Russia are forcing NASA to find new rocket engine suppliers by 2019.

June 2
Croatians March for Educational Reform
Alleged political pressure stalls move for change and tens of thousands demonstrate.

Russian Food Ban Modified
But, except for baby food products, ban stays in place to punish Western countries for sanctions against Russia over Ukraine.

LSD in Communist Bulgaria
Doctors had been experimenting with LSD years before the psychedelic revolution hit the United States.

Russians See U.S. as Biggest Enemy, By Far
Not surprisingly, Turkey and Ukraine don’t fare very well either.

June 3
Bulgaria Braces for More Migrants
Starting this week, EU countries can send back non-EU citizens who enter the bloc from Turkey illegally.

Greece to Russians: Come Back Again, and Again
Russian visitors to Greece could soon be rewarded with a cash-free but extremely valuable prize.

Romanian Pharma Execs in Money Laundering Probe
Company owner died in high-speed car crash days before prosecutors were to charge him in connection with disinfectant scandal.


Baku Court Sentences Rights Advocates, Russian POW Asks Putin for Help
Plus, OSCE official presses Turkmenistan to free journalist, and report says Hungarian officials warn Jewish community over migration threats.
By Timothy Spence

Kremlin Aide Warns U.S. Against Arms Deployment, Slovak Schools Slammed Over Roma Policies
Plus, Tajikistan moves to silence renegade special forces commander, and the UN blasts Hungary’s anti-immigrant billboards.
By Timothy Spence

G-7 Sanctions ex-G-8 Partner, Pope Preaches Peace in Sarajevo
Plus, Baku tells the OSCE to start packing, and the author of the Prague Spring manifesto dies at 88.
By Timothy Spence

Upset in Polish Presidency Vote, Police Seek Chechen in Nemtsov Probe
Plus, report finds evidence of ‘ongoing war crimes’ in eastern Ukraine, and UN rights officials raise red flags in Macedonia and Hungary.
By Timothy Spence