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Around the Bloc: Social Democrats Win Sweeping Victory in Second Round of Macedonian Elections
Poll is another blow to former ruling party VMRO-DPMNE, which says it won’t recognize the results.
30 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Poland Tells Infamous U.S. Alt-Right Leader to Stay Out
While an official ban is not openly in place, the Polish Foreign Ministry has expressed strong objections to Richard Spencer’s visit.
30 October 2017
Around the Bloc: Serbs Demand Higher Pensions and Wages
Protests by senior citizens underline the parlous condition of
retirees in Serbia and Bosnia.27 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Twitter Will Suffer for Russian Ad Ban, Moscow Says
Ban on RT and Sputnik comes as researchers claim Twitter ignored evidence that Russia was using the platform to influence elections.
27 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Two Crimean Tatar Leaders Freed
Turkey’s Erdogan and German Chancellor Merkel reportedly helped negotiate the end of Ilmi Umerov and Akhtem Chiygoz’s ordeal.
27 October 2017


No End to FYROM Dispute for Now, Greek Sources Say
 New government in Skopje made promises about a solution,  but divisions between the Balkan neighbors run deep.
31 August 2017

A Heaping Handful of Balkan Identities  
The fruits of modern scholarship presented in this book ought  to bring to a close some of the unproductive debates about who Macedonians really are. 
28 June 2013