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Around the Bloc: Albania Honors Its Most Famous Foreign Scholar
Robert Elsie, an internationally renowned Albanologist from Vancouver,
was buried yesterday in an Albanian village after passing away on 2 October.
19 October 2017

Middle Europa: Uncharted Waters with Populists Ahead
The stakes are extremely high ahead of the Czech elections,
which could be a potential game changer for the entire region. 
By Martin Ehl19 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Tajik Authorities Compile Registry of 367
‘Proven’ Homosexuals

Although homosexuality is not illegal in the Central Asian
country, people on the list will have to undergo STD testing.
18 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Lucky Few Profit From Prague’s ‘Shared Economy’
Some officials and locals fear the city center could become a
ghost town without any sense of community.
18 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Roman Polanski Back in Poland for Documentary
About his Childhood

Controversial Polish director, who is a fugitive from U.S. justice, faces
new rape allegations.
18 October 2017

Around the Bloc: The Kremlin’s New Darling: Cryptocurrency
Putin adviser launches bitcoin mining company as Russia pushes
alternatives to American dollar.
17 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Arrests Hit Croatia’s Biggest Company
Spiraling scandal at debt-ridden Agrokor could have a ripple
effect across the Balkans.
17 October 2017 

Around the Bloc: Kazakhstanis Fume Over Fuel Shortage
Soaring prices, long lines and disrupted traffic are common
sights these days in Central Asia’s major oil producer.
17 October 2017


Albania: The Worst and the Brightest          
Two new books shed light on modern-day Albania, from the rise of its
Stalinist dictatorship to its far from complete transition to democracy.         
27 June 2016

Who Killed the Sultan?        
Translations of little-known Albanian oral epics add another dimension to
the endless conversation over the Battle of Kosovo.       
7 December 2009