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Cyberwarfare: Overhyped or Underrated?
Tactics used in Ukraine and Syria could be an accurate foreshadowing of one future aspect of warfare.
By Prem Mahadevan


May 23
A Fishy Czech Dispute
Carp fanatics face off against Czech Republic’s most famous fisherman.

Pro-suicide Groups on Russian Social Media?
News broke last week of a potentially wide-ranging problem, prompting action by the authorities.

Romanian Cop Becomes Facebook Star
A traffic police officer who documents stories from his job has amassed a loyal following on the Internet.

Massive Crackdown in Kazakhstan
Hundreds arrested to ward off protests against land reform.

May 24
Kosovars Sentenced for Terrorism Activities
A group of seven men received sentences totaling 42 years for recruiting for the Islamic State or fighting on its behalf in Syria.

E-residency in Estonia Hits a Milestone
After 18 months, the country already has 10,000 e-residents.

Talk of CIA Black Site in Lithuania Resurfaces
Lawyer of 9/11 suspect pushing for information about alleged secret prison.

Romanian Hospital Scandal Takes Deadly Turn
Central figure in investigation apparently dead in car crash


EU Hypocrisy + Refugees = Balkanization?
As the refugee crisis drags on, the Balkans are being crushed between authoritarian Turkey and dithering Europe.
By Martin Ehl

Uzbek Female Mullahs Make Comeback
Uzbekistan is one of the few Muslim countries where female Islamic teachers, known as otins, play an important religious role.
By Shuhratjon Khurramov

No New Theme Music for Game of Thrones
Rumors of a new Russian soundtrack for the show have been greatly exaggerated.
By Aliautsina Kuzmiankova

The Art of ‘Secondary Architecture’: Raw, Recycled – and Roma
A self-taught Romani architect joins forces with an artist to breathe new life into tossed-aside objects.
By Milica Dimitrijevic


Last reminder – Call for Papers related to Media and Migration!
This is your last chance to submit your abstracts for the third edition of the Prague Media Point conference.

Taking place in Prague between November 7th and 9th, as a pre-conference to the ECREA´s sixth European Communication Conference. #PragueMediaPoint.

We invite abstracts on any of the following topics: 
The narratives used by mainstream media to cover the so-called “refugee/migrant crisis”.   The depiction of refugees, asylum seekers and migration in the media.   The ways that new/social media are changing our perception of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants Comparisons between the approaches of public and private media. The role of the media in culturally diverse democracies. Journalists as observers or actors when covering the crisis.  The role of immigrant/diaspora/minority media. Discourses of racism and anti-racism in European media.
Please submit your 500-word abstracts and a short bio by 31 May 2016. The abstracts will be subjected to a peer-review process and should be submitted to: 
You can find more information here.

Our upcoming activities:
International Storytelling Course
10 July 2016 – 18 July 2016

Prague Media Point Conference: Media and Migration
7 November 2016 – 9 November 2016