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Around the Bloc: Bulgaria’s Drive to Bring Missing Kids Back to School
A month has passed since the first school bells rang this fall in Bulgaria,
but, for thousands of children, the academic year never started. 
12 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Prosperous Turkmen Should Pay for Energy, President Declares
Rosy economic forecast flies in the face of reports about
public belt-tightening.
12 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Albania’s Meta Rejects Kosovo’s Passport Plea
Facing an intransigent parliament, Kosovo leader Thaci sought
help from Tirana.
12 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Armenia Tries to Reduce Sex Imbalance
Recent trends show the country might be on the way toward
improving an alarming sex ratio imbalance among newborns.
11 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Central, Southeast European Countries Have Least Gender Equality in EU
Gender Equality Index 2017 shows “snail’s pace” progress and
“still a lot of room for improvement of equality between
women and men.”
11 October 2017

Around the Bloc: I, Estonian Robot
The wired-up Baltic republic recently gave the green light to
driverless vehicles, which could soon acquire legal identities.
10 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Czech Election Favorite Faces Fraud Charge
Mogul Andrej Babis accuses political rivals of setting him up to
derail his swift rise to power.
10 October 2017

Around the Bloc: Balkan Secessionists Inspired by Catalonia
Restive Albanians, Serbs take heart from events in
Spain, despite EU warnings to Catalan leaders.
10 October 2017


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