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Counting down to Russia’s 2016 Duma Elections
As Russia gears up for parliamentary elections this autumn, how can the country’s embattled opposition and civil society offer a real contest to the Kremlin’s “imitation democracy”?
By Janek Lasocki


May 18
Bill Clinton Likens Polish, Hungarian Leaders to Putin
Poland’s Kaczynski suggests the former U.S. president have his head examined over campaign comments.

Pig Farm to Remain on Site of Wartime Czech Romani Camp
Farm site is regrettable, but we can’t afford to close it, Czech government says.

Cossacks Deny Assault on Navalny Group
Incident comes days after police in southern Russia detained the opposition leader in an anti-terrorist operation.

Top Montenegrin Pol Sentenced for Corruption
Svetozar Marovic will be the country’s first leading politician to serve prison time for graft.

Bill Clinton Likens Polish, Hungarian Leaders to Putin
Poland’s Kaczynski suggests the former U.S. president have his head examined over campaign comments.

May 19
EC Issues Another Warning to Poland
Government in Warsaw has until Monday to answer concerns over constitutional court or face further legal procedure.

IMF Praises Ukraine’s Progress
But country must still implement a series of reforms before funds start to flow again.

Macedonia Postpones Elections
Decision comes after only governing party had registered candidates.

May 20
Kosovo KLA Veteran Wants Compensation
Fatmir Limaj, finally cleared of wartime crimes after 13 years, wants Kosovo authorities to pay for his days in jail.

Lithuania Faces a “Cauliflower Revolution”
Outrage over high supermarket prices leads to a boycott and, maybe just maybe, lower prices.

Croatian Beach #1 in Europe
Remote island locale beats out more well-known beaches in Italy, Spain, and Greece.

Russia Threatens Response After Montenegro Joins NATO as Observer
The Balkan nation might become a full member by mid-2017.


Last reminder – Call for Papers related to Media and Migration!
This is your last chance to submit your abstracts for the third edition of the Prague Media Point conference.

Taking place in Prague between November 7th and 9th, as a pre-conference to the ECREA´s sixth European Communication Conference. #PragueMediaPoint.

We invite abstracts on any of the following topics: 
The narratives used by mainstream media to cover the so-called “refugee/migrant crisis”.   The depiction of refugees, asylum seekers and migration in the media.   The ways that new/social media are changing our perception of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants Comparisons between the approaches of public and private media. The role of the media in culturally diverse democracies. Journalists as observers or actors when covering the crisis.  The role of immigrant/diaspora/minority media. Discourses of racism and anti-racism in European media.
Please submit your 500-word abstracts and a short bio by 31 May 2016. The abstracts will be subjected to a peer-review process and should be submitted to: 
You can find more information here.

Our upcoming activities:
International Storytelling Course
10 July 2016 – 18 July 2016
Prague Media Point Conference: Media and Migration
7 November 2016 – 9 November 2016