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Servants of the State
Veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War in Tajikistan cast themselves as loyal partners of the Rahmon regime. More than political opportunism, this approach resonates with rhetoric inherited from the Soviet era.
By Markus Göransson

Turning Our Backs on Ukraine
Two years after the tumultuous events of 2014, Ukraine is falling out of international media — with consequences for Ukraine’s democracy.
By Ian Bateson


May 11
Kyrgyz Leader Slams Russian Skinheads for Brutal Attack
Trend of attacks and killings by nationalists continues, rights groups say.

Hospital Scandal Brings Down Romanian Health Minister
Achimas Cadariu is fourth cabinet minister to exit the wobbly government in less than a month.

Stalin in Pink, and Other Victory Day Highlights
In Moldova, U.S. military hardware removed from Chisinau square ahead of 9 May celebrations.

Zagreb Blocking New Serbian EU Talks
Belgrade unwilling to accept conditions set by former enemy for accession talks to go ahead.

May 12
Russia Clamping Down on ‘Foreign Agents’
New Justice Ministry report says illegal for foreign-funded NGOs even to criticize the country’s leaders or discredit government policies.

TOL Region Still Tough Place for LGBTI Community
Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland were dubbed the worst three EU countries for sexual minorities in newly released ranking, while Azerbaijan came in last in Europe.

Obama Ice Cream Banished From Shelves
Russian company halts production after international outrage.

May 13
Russian Giant Plane Lands in Prague
World’s biggest aircraft makes a rare appearance in the Czech capital.

Controversial NGO Bill Dies in Kyrgyz Parliament
Some analysts see rejection of bill modeled on Russia’s ‘foreign agent law’ as another sign of cooling relations with Moscow.

Hungary Tastes Success at Famed European Cooking Event
A team of Hungarian chefs buoyed by a partisan crowd in Budapest took first place in one of Europe’s most prestigious cooking competitions, the Bocuse d’Or Europe.

Russia Furious Over U.S. Missiles in Romania, Poland
Missile interceptors are ‘1,000 percent’ aimed at Russia, Duma defense committee head fumes.

Heads Roll at Independent-Minded Russian Media Group
Ouster of three top editors follows police raids on other assets of owner Mikhail Prokhorov.


Beware of the People
Kyrgyzstan’s revolution shows, above all, that Lenin was right to talk of the “revolutionary creativity of the people.”
By Vitali Silitski

Moscow Duce
To foreigners, he’s the mayor who bulldozed houses and wanted to hang posters of Stalin in Moscow. At home, a whiff of scandal and populism…
By Aleksandr Kolesnichenko

Giving Credit, but Only Where It’s Due
Putin’s gestures on the anniversary of the Katyn massacre were welcome, but they’re only one step in a long walk.

Divided Loyalties
A few recent flare-ups in Tajikistan raise the question of which is stronger: the people’s sense of local identity or their fear of civil war.
By Abdujalil Abdurasulov


Last reminder – Call for Papers related to Media and Migration!
This is your last chance to submit your abstracts for the third edition of the Prague Media Point conference
Taking place in Prague between November 7th and 9th, as a pre-conference to the ECREA´s sixth European 
Communication Conference. #PragueMediaPoint.

We invite abstracts on any of the following topics: 
The narratives used by mainstream media to cover the so-called “refugee/migrant crisis”.   The depiction of refugees, asylum seekers and migration in the media.   The ways that new/social media are changing our perception of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants Comparisons between the approaches of public and private media. The role of the media in culturally diverse democracies. Journalists as observers or actors when covering the crisis.  The role of immigrant/diaspora/minority media. Discourses of racism and anti-racism in European media
Please submit your 500-word abstracts and a short bio by 31 May 2016. The abstracts will be subjected to 
a peer-review process and should be submitted to: 
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Our upcoming activities:

International Storytelling Course
10 July 2016 – 18 July 2016

Prague Media Point Conference: Media and Migration
7 November 2016 – 9 November 2016