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Who is the Polish opposition now?
Civic activists appear to have a better chance at effecting change than traditional parties.
By Martin Ehl


May 9
EU Condemns Belarus Over Execution
Country remains only nation in Europe still applying the death penalty.

Spat in Moldova Over U.S. Presence
Tensions between pro-American and pro-Russian supporters are running high ahead of Victory Day parades.

Obama Ice Cream
A new Russian brand is only the latest in a line of controversial usages of the U.S. president’s image.

Famed Bosnian Mosque Reopens
Destroyed during the war, historic mosque finally welcomes worshippers as dignitaries hope for greater religious tolerance.

May 10
Tbilisi Botanical Garden for Sale?
Protests grow in Georgia over former prime minister’s suspected land grabs.

Slovak Border Police Shoot Migrant
Bullets fired after car refuses to stop at checkpoint, drawing ire of human rights activists.

Jumping Fish in Latvia
In an annual rite of spring, thousands of spawning fish are attempting to jump over the country’s famous waterfall Venta Rapid.

Pro-Kremlin Motorcycle Club Visits Prague
Allowed to enter the Czech Republic, Night Wolves leave without major incident.


The EU’s Thin Line
When Slovakia joins the Schengen area next year, one of the EU’s most notorious border points will become an even more crucial line of defense…
By Dominic Swire

RUSSIA: Slow Progress on Abolition of the Death Penalty
WHEN RUSSIA JOINED the Council of Europe in February 1996, it was asked to place an immediate moratorium on executions and to abolish capital…
By Penny Morvant

Muscovites Urged Not to Kill Like Obama
Racist Russian ads have likened the U.S. president to a monkey and a chimney sweep.
By Evgeny Deulin and Ky Krauthamer

‘Butcher of Bosnia’ Convicted of Genocide
Hague tribunal holds Radovan Karadzic responsible for Sarajevo siege, Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities.
By Ky Krauthamer