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A Family Reflects on the Chernobyl Disaster
Three generations explain how their lives were transformed by the nuclear explosion in 1986. 
By Olga Tsvetkova

Sense of (In)security
The liberal approach to politics and to life is losing ground as populists take advantage of a fear of the unknown.
By Martin Ehl


April 27
Russian Blogger Charged with Extremism
Internet guru Anton Nossik is charged with hate speech over comments made about Syria.

Protestors Block Odessa City Hall
Response comes after thugs beat activists demonstrating against mayor’s alleged involvement in Panama papers.

Hi-tech Estonia Unfriendly to Bitcoin?
Dutch trader alleges that he was hounded by authorities for small business in virtual currency.

Anti-Uber Protest in Budapest
Hundreds of taxi drivers disrupted traffic in the Hungarian capital.

April 28
Crimean Court Bans Tatar Assembly
The highest representative body of the indigenous community accused of spreading “aggression and hatred towards Russia.”

Culture Minister is Latest Victim of Romanian Ballet Battle
Infighting and political interference threaten to shatter the country’s leading opera house and ballet company.

Serbian Gag Party Shocked at Election Success
Outsiders and extremists scored strong gains at local and national level in weekend elections.

April 29
Chemical Attacks Target Russian Dissident Navalny and Memorial Rights Group
Nationalist organization admits its activists were at Memorial incident, denies links to Navalny attack.

More Bodies Uncovered in Bosnian Pit
Victims likely from the wars of the 1990s.

Russian Rector Warns of U.S. Threat
New instructions tell academics to encourage their students to avoid contacts with foreigners.

Police Nab Kosovo MP Accused of Massive Scam
EU police says prominent parliamentarian from ruling party headed crime ring.

Caribbean Offshore Laundered Stolen Russian Tax Money, Report Claims
The company also bought Rosneft shares from Putin intimate Sergei Roldugin, Panama Papers documents show.

Bulgarian City Bans Islamic Veils
In the same city, 14 Muslims are on trial for extremism and spreading religious hatred.


Historical Drama
Riding the waves of change, a last bastion of German culture in Southeastern Europe tries to keep a 250-year tradition alive.
By Stefana Ciortea-Neamtiu

Kosovo’s Potemkin Courthouse
The new state’s badly managed and overburdened justice system needs urgent help.
By the International Crisis Group

Bosnians Rally Against Courtroom Hijab Ban
Prohibition on displaying all religious symbols in court is really aimed at educated female Muslims, critics say.
By Ky Krauthamer

Cyber Superpower
Estonia is getting a reputation for being security savvy. Just ask the hackers.
By Mike Collier


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