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People: Strangers in Their Own Land
Displaced by the war in the east of Ukraine, ethnic Roma struggle to find acceptance elsewhere amid enduring racism and prejudice. By Anastasia Kanareva and Bogdan Kinashchuk
24 July 2017

Balkan Eye: In Class or in Jail?
A summer of attacks by Roma has Bulgaria again looking for answers, but, this time, politicians might actually be serious about it.
By Boyko Vassilev
19 July 2017


27 July 2017
Russia Urges Ukrainians to Visit Their Lost Territory
Is Ukraine actively trying to sabotage Crimea’s tourism business?

Druglord Martin Shkreli Sends Mixed Messages to Homeland
Making Albania known to the world isn’t good news if it’s done by gouging the price of a lifesaving drug and tweeting like Trump.

Former Georgian Leader Saakashvili Loses Ukrainian Citizenship
Move came as the former close ally of Ukraine’s president was visiting the U.S.

Are Russia and Ukraine the Worst Countries for HIV Positives?
UN report finds worrying trend in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, countering global decreases in new cases.

26 July 2017
The Curious Case of Saparmurat Niyazov
The golden statue of late President Saparmurat Niyazov has disappeared from the center of Ashgabat.

Polish President Signs One, Vetoes Two Controversial Laws
Duda’s apparent defiance of the ruling party could end up to be a turning point on today’s political scene.

WWII Bomb Found in Treasure Hunt Deactivated in Slovenia
Man who found the bomb and took it home instead of alerting authorities could face public nuisance charges.

25 July 2017
How Ukrainian Rebels Use Crowdfunding for Propaganda
Major crowdfunding platforms Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and JustGiving have hosted campaigns by supporters of Donbas separatists. 


Sneak Peeks at Russia’s New Crimean Bases  
Ukraine fears that the new facilities and restored Soviet installations on the peninsula pose a growing security threat.
7 November 2016

Russia Recruits Combat Dolphins
The Soviets trained dolphins to plant bombs on enemy vessels; the Kremlin wants to revive training center in Crimea.
11 March 2016


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