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Calm Before the Storm?
Counterterrorist operations targeting jihadists in Russia have largely proven successful in the past three years. Still, there are reasons to worry that large-scale terrorism might return.
By Prem Mahadevan

Visegrad: Democracy’s Enemies Are Already Within The Gates
Though Central European populism may sometimes resemble its Western European variant, some continuities with the countries’ inter-war authoritarian past are one disturbing difference. 
By Robert Anderson


April 20
Rightists Poised for Strong Showing in Serbian Elections
Ruling party of premier Aleksandar Vucic predicted to win easily despite growing disillusionment over the sluggish economy.

Dutch Parliament Keeps EU-Ukraine Deal Alive
EU treaty with Kyiv safe for now, as country also nears agreement on major prisoner swap with Russia.

Dutch Court Overturns Massive Yukos Shareholder Award
Russia dismantled the oil company once run by Mikhail Khodorkovsky after the oligarch was jailed on fraud charges.

April 21
Le Pen Backs New Nationalist Party in Romania
Romanian politicians not happy about Marie Le Pen’s support for a newly formed right-wing and Eurosceptic party.

Most Russians Want Lenin’s Reburial
A majority believe it’s time for the symbol of Communism to rest in peace.

Hungarian Teachers Strike Against Centralization
Protest is first full-day strike since Prime Minister Viktor Orban took power in 2010.

April 22
Russian Faux Pas in Mongolia
Locals feel snubbed after Russian foreign minister arrives for an official visit wearing jeans.

New Press Freedom Index Remains a Depressing Read
Post-Soviet states again do miserably while Poland and Hungary drop down in the rankings.

Moldovan Thief Becomes YouTube Star
Given the massive corruption scandals of the past, some citizens seem jaded to the news.

Bullied Russian Kid Receives Big Support
Local celebrities and even a NASA astronaut respond to mother’s Facebook plea.

Brexit to the Balkans
Commentators have a field day when a leader of the “Leave” campaign talks of a free-trade zone with Albania and others.


From Bad to Worse
Voting for extremists of any stripe in the upcoming EP elections will put the solutions citizens demand even further out of reach.
By Katerina Safarikova

Curse of the Petty Thief
Citing growing numbers of robberies, Austria threatens to reintroduce entry visas for Bulgarians and Romanians.
By Konstantin Vulkov

Fly Me to the Moon
Years before the United States and Russia launch their next-generation spacecrafts, American astronauts will have to rely on Russian rockets to go…
By Abdujalil Abdurasulov

Reshaping Albania
Two new books detail Albania’s roller-coaster ride toward stability, its European integration, and lights that stay lit.
By Gabriel Partos