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The Many Faces of Vladimir Putin
Dozhd TV chief editor Mikhail Zygar’s account of Russia under Putin lets the facts speak for themselves.
By Vladimir Kozlov


April 18
Ukrainian Prosecutor Wants 15 Years for Alleged Russian Soldiers
Kyiv says Russians participated in conflict in eastern Ukraine, as swap for jailed Ukrainian pilot might be moving closer to reality.

Zhirinovsky Headed for the Scrap Heap?
A statue of the controversial Russian nationalist may be dismantled for breaching federal law.

Russia Stuck with Most Gender-Based Work Restrictions
It’s forbidden to hire women for hundreds of jobs, as legislation has seen few changes since the Soviet era.

Protests Continue to Wrack Macedonia
Decision to hold snap elections does little to swell outrage over presidential pardon.

April 19
Russian Authorities Act Against Crimean Tatars
Ban on political body called attempt to stamp out remaining critical voices on peninsula.

Romania Could Be Kicked Out of Eurovision
Huge debts of national TV station might prevent country from participating in popular song contest.

Kaczynski Shows Who’s the Boss
Poland’s de facto ruler calls cabinet an “experiment” and, defying critics, says country should move faster with planned changes.

Internet Clampdown in Russia?
Country’s top investigator proposes measures to counter alleged information attacks from the United States and its allies.


Who’s Afraid of Big, Bad Jaroslaw?
We shouldn’t be so quick to describe Poland’s new government as a ‘threat to democracy.’
By Martin Ehl

It Happens to Men, Too
Increasing economic desperation and widespread neglect have allowed a trade in trafficked men to flourish.
By S. Adam Cardais

Drawing the Net Around the RuNet
One upon a time, the Russian Internet was the land of the free. Not anymore.
By Damir Gainutdinov

Nesting Dolls, Vodka, and Underpants
Russians can buy nearly anything with Vladimir Putin’s name or face on it. But will he take his place in the country’s secular pantheon?
By Aleksandr Kolesnichenko