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In Connections We Trust
Is there a way to develop a country where there is virtually no trust in the state? If someone thinks so, please let us know.
By Abel Polese and Tetiana Stepurko


April 13
Macedonian President Under Fire for Pardon
Decision by Gjorge Ivanov sparks protests and international criticism.

Russian Internet Tycoon Reaching for the Stars
Milner pledges $100 million and enlists Hawking and Zuckerberg in space quest.

Kosovar Sentenced For Supporting ISIS on Facebook
Seven months in jail and a fine is the punishment for promoting jihad.

Bosnian Indiana Jones at It Again
Intrepid archaeologist claims to have discovered another lost civilization.

Worried Kyrgyz NGOs Await Voting on “Foreign Agent” Bill
Activists protest against a proposed Kremlin-style bill that would impose the “foreign agent” label and restrict foreign funding.

April 14
Russian Police Seek Readers of Dangerous Books on Ukraine
Borrowers checked out library books on the Ukrainian famine as long as 18 years ago.

Call Our Country ‘Czechia,’ Prague Politicos Say
The Czech Republic is a rarity in lacking a common one-word form of its full name.

Albania’s Leader Calls Donald Trump ‘the Shame of Our Civilization’
Edi Rama says his country is a model of religious tolerance and social cohesion.

Yerevan Protesters Denounce Russian Arms Sales to Azerbaijan
Kremlin says it will continue to supply arms to both sides despite renewed fighting in breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh.

April 15
More Iraqis Decide to Leave Czech Republic
Refugees keep finding reasons not to stay in country known for its anti-migrant sentiments.

Groysman Approved as Ukraine’s New Prime Minister
Poroshenko’s ally was chosen to replace his unpopular predecessor in hopes of overcoming the long-lasting government crisis.

Croatian Government Accursed of WWII Nostalgia
Leader of prominent organization fighting anti-Semitism says Zagreb should do more to counter worrying trends.

“Those Who Decided to Drown Cannot Be Saved”
In traditional talk, Vladimir Putin touches on the economy, Ukraine, Obama, and whether he’d let some world leaders sink.

Romanian Dancers Square Off
Spat at national ballet company also appears to take xenophobic turn.


What’s in a Name?
As Greece threatens to block Macedonia’s NATO bid, citizens of both countries say they are ready for resolution of the name dispute.
By Ljubica Grozdanovska

Neither Heroes nor Villains
Ukrainians still are divided by a common history experienced and narrated in opposite ways.
By Mykola Riabchuk

Where Wonders Never Cease
An amazing archeological find re-ignites Bulgarians’ passion for miracles (with apologies to Dan Brown).
By Boyko Vassilev

What Remains After Maidan?
Five writers from Ukraine discuss the legacy of the movement that was supposed to change their country. First in a series.
By Yevgenia Belorusets