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Around the Bloc – 28 October
News roundup: Iranian agents in Albania; a Romanian attack on Washington; Latvia’s Russians; Central European TV shakeup; and tech-savvy Eurasian eagles.

Fireworks as the City of Prague Defies Beijing After Prague’s mayor went head-to-head with the Beijing city authorities over the one-China policy, it seemed inevitable that other, already shaky, forms of cooperation between the two cities would come under pressure.
25 October 2019
Around the Bloc – 25 October News roundup: African leaders in Sochi; Croatia, Slovenia and Schengen; sky-high real estate in Central Europe; a Norwegian spy in Russia; and Satanists in Armenia.

Around the Bloc – 24 October
TOL’s regional news roundup: migrants in Bosnia; Bulgaria,
Romania, and the EU; an Orthodox reality show; a Kazakh family
worthy of a reality show; and the Georgian Switzerland.

Balkan Eye: Blame Is the Name of the Game
Though the trouble at last week’s fiery England-Bulgaria
football match was sparked by racist abuse, the kindling
had already been laid.
by Boyko Vassilev
23 October 2019

Politics: Hungary’s Sudden Political Reshuffle Broke Orban’
Power Monopoly
The unexpected success of Hungary’s united opposition at the
recent municipal polls has created a new political reality in the
country. From the German Marshall Fund.By Daniel Hegedus23 October 2019
Around the Bloc – 23 October
Today’s news highlights: jailed Ukrainian journalist; Russia’s
Human Rights Council; a new Slovenian banking law; LGBT in
Turkmenistan; and a Mongolian music phenomenon. 

Around the Bloc – 22 October
TOL’s regional news roundup: Putin, Orban, and Ukraine;
the murder of Jan Kuciak; protests in Azerbaijan; Romanian forests;
and Russian malls.


China’s Checkbook Diplomacy
Central Europe continues to actively court Chinese investment. But increased coziness with Beijing comes with tradeoffs, including a loss in influence for the region’s traditional ally, the United States.
4 August 2016

Adding New Animations to an Old Craft
Despite its popularity among tourists as a kitschy souvenir, the traditional Czech-made marionette is now being transformed by new technologies, and expanding its influence into other cultures and sciences.
23 July 2019

A Surprising Role Model for European Politicians
Far from being Brussels’ darling, Viktor Orban has,
however, endeared himself to some European leaders who
admire his pragmatism and political know-how.
by Martin Ehl
12 January 2018

Beetlemania in the Heart of Europe
Czech forests are dying at such a rate that the landscape
could soon be altered beyond recognition.
by Ky Krauthamer
5 August 2019