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Column: In the Army We Trust!
A “non-military person” is won over by a new type of soldier – a profession Central Europeans have come to respect over the past generation.
12 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 12 August News highlights from our coverage region: Putin and the Night Wolves; a Latvian secret nuclear bunker; a Karabakh mosque; unrest in Kazakhstan; and a new scandal in North Macedonia.
12 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 9 August
Highlights from our coverage region: radiation in Russia after the accident; swine fever grips Balkans; taking Stalin to court; a Thai PM who is now Serbian; and Azeri child marriages.
9 August 2019 

Conflict & Diplomacy: Millennials Take Charge in Ukraine
Voters entrusted the job of saving a sick country to new leaders with zero political experience.
8 August 2019

News: Around the Bloc – 8 August TOL’s regional roundup: a deadly raid in Kyrgyzstan; Apple and Russia; Chernobyl vodka; Russian passports in Estonia; and immigrants in the Balkans.
8 August 2019

People: Berdymukhamedov’s Super-Fun Summer Holiday
After weeks of rumors that the president had died, state television packed its evening news with evidence that the president is not just alive, but positively brimming with energy. From Eurasianet.
7 August 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 7 August
Regional news highlights: parents caught in the middle of Moscow protests; apartments in Abkhazia; Prague’s Lennon wall; Coca-Cola and gays in Hungary; and the Vilnius synagogue.
7 August 2019 

Conflict & Diplomacy: The Perils (and Potential) of a Power Struggle in Kyrgyzstan
Does the ongoing spat between current and former presidents signal the possibility of another revolution, or evolution along a more pluralistic trajectory?
6 August 2019 

News: Around the Bloc – 6 August
Regional highlights: Siberian military base rocked; a lone Belarusian protester; a Polish frequent flyer; a notorious Uzbek prison; and trust in the EU.
6 August 2019 


Central Europe Baking Through its Summer
Politicians are getting the ingredients together for a dramatic fall while ignoring the very real heat outside.
9 July 2019

Kazakh Election Pits Incumbent Leader Against Designated Losers
Interim President Tokayev will win next month’s election, but there is talk of an eventual handover of power to Nazarbaev’s daughter.
2 May 2019

Prosperous Turkmen Should Pay for Energy, President Declares
Rosy economic forecast flies in the face of reports about public belt-tightening.
12 October 2017

Southern Kyrgyzstan’s Dark Ages 
Tens of thousands of households in southern Kyrgyzstan have been making do without natural gas for cooking, and worries have begun about heating homes when the summer sun has gone.
4 July 2014