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The Body Politic
Are recent intrusions from Russian authorities into issues of private choice part of a grand “biopolitical” approach or just run-of-the-mill, moral posturing?
By Alevtina Kuzmenkova

OpEd: Part of a Pattern
The shooting of a Hungarian police officer by a neo-Nazi leader spotlights the group’s Russia ties and wider threat to the region.  
By Peter Kreko and Lorant Gyori


November 29

Kazakh Land Reform Protesters Sent to Prison For Five Years
The predictable conviction of the two activists highlights Astana’s disregard for rights to peaceful assembly.

A Russian Great Firewall Nears?
Moscow increasingly turning to China for help with policing the internet.

November 28

Dancing With the Yellow Star
The wife of Vladimir Putin’s top spokesman has the internet up in arms over a Holocaust-themed ice dance.

Spying Allegations Loom Over Macedonian Elections – Again
Former PM Gruevski’s bid to reclaim office could derail the delicate ceasefire between conservatives and leftists.

China Threatens Payback for Dalai Lama Trip to Mongolia
Beijing cancels cooperation meetings, while Ulaanbaatar says the Tibetan leader’s visit was purely religious.

Uzbekistan to Choose New Leader in Milestone Election
Four candidates are running for president of Uzbekistan in Sunday’s election, although it may be hard for voters to tell them apart.

Saakashvili Launches New Political Movement
The former president of Georgia and recently resigned Odessa governor vows to ‘make Ukraine great again.’


A Boy’s Own Tale of Chernobyl
How a nuclear error hundreds of miles away helped start a war of the worlds in
By Boyko Vassilev

Sense of (In)security
The liberal approach to politics and to life is losing ground as populists take advantage of a fear of the unknown.
By Martin Ehl

Albanian Lawmakers Pass Logging Ban
Illegal and legal logging may have destroyed more than half the country’s forests since 1990, environmentalists say.

Online Dissenters in Russia Targeted
Internet freedom is increasingly fraying at the edges, as government critics on social media sites face physical assaults.