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An Open Letter to My British and American Friends
Despair and dismay at the fading of the dreams of a post-1989 world.
By Martin Ehl


The Traumatic Birth of a Crimean Nation
How tradition, ethnic cleansing, and a difficult return home helped mold one people’s identity under the Soviet Union and after.
By Lincoln Mitchell


Prison Is Part of Russia
Dissident artist Petr Pavlensky on FSB interrogations, guerilla war against the cops,
and why left and right are irrelevant in prison.
By Petr Pavlensky


November 25

Human Rights Group Publishes Names of Those Responsible for Stalin’s Purges
Kremlin refuses to comment on the release of database with names of state security members.

Three People Get Life Sentences for Yugoslav-Era Crime
Brussels court hands down sentences for the “political assassination” of Kosovo dissident 26 years ago.

November 24

Nursultan-burg, Here We Come
Kazakh lawmakers back renaming the capital after the president, a move that still needs Nazarbaev’s blessing.

Kyiv Taps Untarnished Youth for Key Roles
Critics say under-25s lack experience for high positions in Ukrainian government, while their bosses say fresh faces are needed.

Little Hope for Swift Release of Czechs Held in Turkey
Incident underscores complexity of EU-Turkish relations as each side pursues its own interests in the Syrian conflict.

Rama Slams Greece Over Expelled Albanians
Albanian premier tells interviewer there is no ‘Greater Albania’ project.

November 23

Words Fly Over Russian Missiles on Baltic
NATO, Moscow resume long-running spat over whether the military alliance is aggressive or not.

Ukrainian Teacher Accused of Trying to Sell Her Student
Interior minister, colleagues shocked at arrest of experienced, respected boarding school teacher.


Proxy War for the Soul of Kazakhstan
Once a high roller on the political scene, now a wanted man, a former Almaty mayor makes his case for heroic status alongside the country’s founding father.

Kosovo KLA Veteran Wants Compensation
Fatmir Limaj, finally cleared of wartime crimes after 13 years, wants Kosovo authorities to pay for his days in jail. 

Ukraine Recognizes ‘Genocide’ of Crimean Tatars
Activists had long pushed for 1944 mass deportations ordered by Stalin to be declared an act of genocide.

When There’s a Will, There’s a Way
A former refugee from Iraq, now running refugee services in the U.S., offers his recommendations for improving the anti-migrant climate in the Czech Republic.