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Lost and Found in Translation
Did Putin threaten to castrate a journalist? And why it matters to get it right.
By Peter Rutland


November 15

Estonia Enjoys Most Internet Freedom, Uzbekistan Among Those With the Least
Freedom House Internet freedom report shows that internet freedom continues to decline, while digital activism grows throughout the world.

Reports Says World Bank At Fault in Kosovo
Bank broke its own rules at the expense of hundreds of displaced Kosovars, leaked report states.

Retired Ukrainian Turns Apartment Building into Modern-Day Versailles
Passionate about Baroque, the author of the makeover wanted to “make something beautiful and unusual.”

November 14

The Donald’s Apprentice Ambassador?
Ivana Trump, ex-wife of US president-elect Donald Trump, wants to be the next U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic.

Socialist-backed Candidate Wins Bulgarian Presidential ElectionPrime Minister resigns after heavy defeat of his party’s candidate to military man seen as pro-Russian.

Moldova Elects Moscow-Leaning President
Socialist Igor Dodon’s victory is marred by the logistics of voting abroad, where a shortage of ballots prevented many from casting their votes in the election runoff.

Russian Authorities Say Foiled Terrorist Plot
FSB detains Central Asian suspects allegedly planning to replicate the 2015 Paris attacks.


Forgotten Art
A new project encourages a second look at the Czech Republic’s late-communist public artworks.

Nearly 200 Suspected Islamist Radicals Jailed in Separate Tajik Trials
Government has a hard line approach to those who subscribe to foreign versions of Islam.

Donald Trump Talks of Crimea Recognition
The Republican presidential contender said he “has nothing to do with Putin,” but suggests he might recognize the annexation of part of Ukraine if given the chance.

Grenade Spoils Good Mood Over Bridge Renovation in Kosovo
The reopening of a bridge in Mitrovica could mark a new beginning for the city.