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6 May 2019

‘Ticket to Europe’ for North Macedonia After Pro-Western Candidate’s Win
The Q Matters
Love Spells Version 2.0
The Politics of Hospitality
When in Mongolia, Be Wary of What Mongolians (Don’t) Eat

Around the Bloc:  Azerbaijan’s Unofficial Hijab Ban
Many good-paying jobs are out of reach for women who choose to wear the headscarf.
3 May 2019

Around the Bloc: Kyrgyzstan Puts Skids on Uranium Mining
Anger over foreign exploitation of natural resources shocks authorities into action.
3 May 2019

Around the Bloc: Russian Oil Pinch Eases
Pipeline operator Transneft says crude was deliberately contaminated.
3 May 2019


Cooking the Books
The new oil and gas deals with Russia will undermine the foundations of Belarus’ economic success.
22 January 2007

Mountain of Troubles
Small business could aid a Romanian village’s recovery from a crippling dispute over mining.
10 September 2008