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Lost and Found in Translation
Did Putin threaten to castrate a journalist? And why it matters to get it right.
By Peter Rutland


November 11

Influential EU Trade Committee Greenlights Controversial Trade Deal With Uzbekistan
Human right activists strongly oppose the draft legislation, seen as condoning the use of forced labor for harvesting cotton.

November 10

Romanian Government Contests Pre-Election Wage Hikes
Premier Ciolos accuses opposition of populist measures as national elections draw near.

Moscow Says It Foiled Another Ukrainian Plot in Crimea
Ukraine issues fierce denials of Russian claim to have apprehended a group of saboteurs in Sevastopol.

Estonian Coalition Falls Apart
Young Prime Minister Roivas failed to stamp his authority on a shaky, four-party government.

Local Elections Churn Up Bitter Memories in Bosnia
One newly elected mayor served 10 years for war crimes; first ethnic Serb takes charge in Srebrenica.

November 9

Mongolia, IMF Close to Agreeing Loan Deal
Government willing to accept external aid to rescue an export-driven economy that has been battered by low commodity prices and a backlog of old debt.

Eastern Europe Takes Stock of Trump Win
Reactions by regional leaders range from skeptical to ecstatic, reflecting societal rifts as severe as those Trump exploited on his way to the White House.

Hungary Is Winning Migration War Despite Legal Setbacks
Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s plan to block an EU immigration scheme suffers a second defeat.


Orban Proclaims Victory in Hungary’s Anti-Migrant Quota Vote
Although low turnout rendered the referendum invalid, Hungarians all but unanimously rejected EU quotas for resettling migrants.

Once Again, Forced Laborers Work in Uzbek Cotton Fields
The much-criticized practice is slowing dwindling under the constant glare of publicity.

Russia Boasts of Routing Ukrainian Saboteurs in Crimea
Kyiv says the Kremlin invented the entire escapade to deflect attention from its own plans to further militarize the Russian-controlled peninsula.

Old Faces with Shady Pasts Adorn Bosnian Local Elections
Ten ex-cons are among the candidates running in the 2 October local elections.